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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition trailer promises new playable characters: Vergil, Trish and Lady

by Steve Powell on Mar 23, 2015 at 4:19 PM


  1. DanteSparda08
  2. RebeledgeYamato
    It's quite possible that while Vergil gets all 20 missions of a campaign, there will be story elements based on Devil May Cry 4's tie-in novel making it into the game.
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  3. Ash.
    Hopefully they'll release a physical version of the game one day.
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  4. HandsomePeanut
    You do not know how much I agree with this statement. There are no words in the English language that sum up my agreement at this sentiment.
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  5. Blade8513
    Looks awesome! I still need to finish the first 3 games though, had to put them down for a long time :/

    Nero sounds just like Ichigo from Bleach

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  6. DanteSparda08
    Johnny Yung Bosch voices both characters
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  7. Blade8513
    I see lol that would explain it :)
  8. Reading the Trauma
    I only get 15gb of data per month on my internet. Guess I won't be buying this version, unless they release it on a disc! '~'

    Would be pretty fun to play as Lady. And Vergil!
  9. Aurelius
    5 playable characters?!?!
    ... Why do I have this sudden urge to touch myself all of a sudden...
  10. Nightmare Omni
    Are they playable as Protagonists with Story Elements or just as Reskin Cameos like Trish was in DMC2?
  11. Foxtrot94
    They have an opening and ending cutscene. Also, Vergil plays through the whole game while Lady plays Nero's stages and Trish plays Dante's stages.

    Some of their moves are taken by other characters like Dante or DmC Vergil, but others are new, developed just for the SE.
  12. XDante
    2 weeks to go! Lets play some DMC3SE with Vergil

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  13. cheezMcNASTY
    Never played as vergil before. Guess it's time....

    to lose my.....


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  14. Steve Powell
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  15. Ryuuou
    Me neither. Gotta play this! Looks legit.

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