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Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is a thing, set to hit next-gen consoles in 2015

by Steve Powell on Dec 15, 2014 at 8:33 PM
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    Hot on the heels of the recent DmC: Devil May Cry - Defintive Edition announcement, Capcom has today confirmed the existence of a fancy-sounding Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition coming to PS4 and Xbox One arriving in summer 2015.

    Details pertaining to what makes this Special Edition so special are thin on the ground, but Capcom are teasing of something extra involving 'that blue guy', which we're presuming is either in reference to Devil May Cry 4's protagonist Nero, or perhaps hints of a collaborative effort involving Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. We're confident of the latter.

    Capcom insists that there'll be more news to share regarding Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition 'further down the line'.

    Update: Turns out that Capcom's mentioning of 'that blue guy' is reference to neither Nero nor Sonic, but in fact Dante's twin brother Vergil. Check out the video below or skip straight to 1:40 for a glimpse of Vergil in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition.

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  1. TonyRedgraveDMC
    Where was the "that blue guy" quote said?
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  2. DantesLink
    It was said on the announcement at Capcom Unity.
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  3. RebeledgeYamato
    It was the voice of an old friend from a certain game in the series.
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  4. DantesLink
    Whoops, guess I misread the question. X)
  5. DanteSparda08
    Vergil is Back I repeat.....VERGIL IS BACK
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  6. Sparda's rejected son
    Somebody collect my remains because I'm about to explode in 5....4...BOOM!!
    (Let me at least finish the freakin' count down!)
  7. TonyRedgraveDMC
    What? The announcement said something about Sonic?
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  8. Sparda hellsing
    So there's gonna be a devil may cry 4 on ps4... That's cool it's like a dream come true
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  9. AgentZero
    Yes! I'm so excited! I wonder if Vergil going to have his own little story line like DMC3?
  10. TonyRedgraveDMC
    I strongly imagine it'll be 2 Nero or Fortuna relevant cutscenes, Missions 1-20 reworked so that Vergil can pass through them all (for example, instead of using Nero's "Hell Bound", Vergil could "Trick" to the location) with an unlocked "secret movie" at the end.

    I doubt it, but it would be interesting if DMC4:SE made the focus of this edition Vergil and made him playable through missions 1-11+19-20 and somehow made a character playable through Dante's missions. As I said, I doubt it, but a playable DMC4 Trish/Gloria would be an awesome treat.
  11. D-Sparda
    "I need more power!"

    Under my control you will be powerful alright. On the other hand, I prefer to wait and see if this special edition would be worth it for only one character.
  12. TonyRedgraveDMC
    DMC3 was imo.
  13. Foxtrot94
    XD you call 2 cutscenes a storyline?
  14. TonyRedgraveDMC
    3 cutscenes actually. Lol but if DMC4:SE is just like DMC3:SE, then 2 fair-sized cutscenes followed by Missions 1-20 (or 1-11;19-20) played with Vergil, with fairly different gameplay than Nero or Dante. Then an unlocked secret movie. If it is NOT like DMC3:SE, then he could get a short story relevant campaign made of a few missions with cutscenes in-between, probably concerning his time in Fortuna prior to DMC3. My guess is if so, we'll get a bit more novel content altered to fit in the game's narrative, and Vergil could in fact wield Yamato, Gilgamesh, Pandora, and Lucifer before leaving them in Fortuna where they eventually came under the possession of The Order of the Sword. Getting my hopes up here, but that would be awesome to play as Vergil and slay the demons responsible for the creation of Gilgamesh, Pandora, and Lucifer.
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  15. D-Sparda
    In my case, I only bought DMC3: Special Edition and not the original version of the game.
    Dante's_Rebellion likes this.
  16. TonyRedgraveDMC
    Well then you don't really have a very good vantage point to make such a claim. Playable Vergil was indeed a very good addition, yes, it would have been wonderful if he had his own unique stages and enemies, but at the time there wasn't a lot of options. The extra costumes, Nelo Angelo, Super LDK/Corrupted Vergil, extra scenes, improved gameplay, and media content, and gold orbs were pretty dang impressive at the time, and it released for a cheaper price than the original.
    Zoey likes this.
  17. D-Sparda
    I already knew all that and at the end of the day it was still one new character with only two new cutscenes rehashing Dante's levels. Look at "Vante", they did not even bother making a proper Dante as a boss battle. They even partially pulled the same thing with Dante in DMC4 by backtracking on Nero's trajectory progress and now, Capcom will potentially do the same thing with Vergil for the new special edition. No amount of costumes or turbo mode could excuse that if it happened again.
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  18. Lord Nero
    Well, with DMC3 they didn't seem to have bothered. But with DMC4, it was just a case of time constraints. IIRC, DMC4's development time was halved from two years to one. It's pretty amazing they still managed to make DMC4 a nice game.

    But, I am kind of scared for DMC4 SE. I'm not expecting Capcom to make all-new levels with a new backstory for Vergil. I mean, it's Capcom we're talking about. That said, the timing for DMC4 SE is pretty odd... so I am wondering if it'll be better than DMC3 SE.
  19. Foxtrot94
    Well, it depends on when they began to work on it. My guess is some time after the release of DmC, probably when they realized that DmC didn't sell as much as they expected. Meaning 3-4 months after the release.
    But it also depends on how much money they had to make the Special Edition. Cause you know, cutscenes for Devil May Cry are pretty expensive to make, since they have to hire actors and do motion capture.

    I still have faith though, we've seen nothing so far, so there's no clue whatsoever that it will be something like the DMC3 SE. We need to wait.

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