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Competition winners! (February 2012)

by Angel on Feb 8, 2012 at 10:54 PM
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    For the official second devilmaycry.org competition, we presented our forum members with five images from which they could select one to put a caption to. Each image was from our own personal stash and some of the ideas our members came up with were really rather splendid. Even winners from our previous competition joined in for the fun of it and overall we had 16 fresh entries to sift through and judge. It took a bit longer than the last one and every submission deserves its own round of applause but as before, there can only be three winners and here they are!

    Third place

    In third place was ReaperKnight.

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    "Dante and Religion may not mix. But Ebony & Ivory do."

    Second place

    In second place was Chibi Cloud

    First place

    And in first place and our overall winner…chocolateghost79!

    A massive congratulations to you all and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! If you want to see what all the entries were this time around, then just click here to take a look – in the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for some VERY cool prizes up for grabs in a future competition. But be warned – you’re going to have to really work for these prizes ;)

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  1. VOLPE
    LMAO these all made me lol

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