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Capcom teases of DmC demo news coming 'soon'

by Steve Powell on Nov 11, 2012 at 10:27 AM
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    For every scorned fan whom purportedly turns his back on the series, publicly announcing his departure from following the Devil May Cry series in the comments of YouTube, there’s always that one voice which — thankfully — interrupts the sea of cynicism with the question: ‘Will there be a DmC: Devil May Cry demo released soon?’ Great question! And one that we never get tired of pretending we know the answer to.

    In this instance, however, we’re able to provide an answer with substantially more optimism: soon. Well, when we say ‘soon’, we mean to clarify that Capcom will have something official to say on the matter, you know, soon. ‘Soon’ is what the Japanese publisher is trumpeting to the masses right now, teasing that news concerning the release of a DmC demo might only be a short time away.

    Here is it in black and white (or, rather, a dull grey and darker shade of grey):

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    Of course, the ‘something to say’ response and inclusion of a cheery vertical-facing emoticon might simply lead to, ‘Sorry, we have no plans to release a DmC demo. LOL!’, but we’re rather optimistic that Capcom will have something much more pleasant to report once that heralded time arrives.
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