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Bloody Palace now available on PSN, Xbox Live Marketplace; curiously absent from Steam Store

by Steve Powell on Feb 20, 2013 at 9:33 AM
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    If you’re a fancier of console gaming — great news: The highly-anticipated Bloody Palace freebie DLC mode for DmC: Devil May Cry has managed to finally scratch and claw its way onto the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Marketplace, in SSSensational fashion. It’s available, completely without fee, for the especially insatiable of challenge-hungry Devil May Cry fanatics amongst us, so I’d highly recommend firing up those 360s and PS-Triples nice and quick if you’ve been longing for yet another reason to whip out the Rebellion and continue purging Limbo of demonic unpleasantries.

    And where’s the Bloody Place mode that PC gamers have been waiting for with baited breath, much like our console gaming brethren? Excellent question — we don’t know. And apparently neither does Capcom, because they’re claiming it’s available for all 3 platforms right now, when clearly it is not if you are to go by some of the alarmed reactions we’ve been seeing in our community forum. Still, we’ll be keeping a close eye on our system tray, keeping our fingers crossed for a Steam pop-up notification to spring up soon.
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