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Blood Palace confirmed for DmC, coming 'shortly after launch'

by Steve Powell on Jan 10, 2013 at 9:58 AM
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    And if the headline of this post alone weren’t enough to get you excited, know that Capcom have revealed that the Bloody Palace mode will be released as a totally free gameplay addition. Fans have been clamoring for confirmation regarding the inclusion of the much revered Bloody Palace mode which has been a series staple since Devil May Cry 2, and now, with the release of this news, we’re certain that even the most devout of DmC naysayers will have a difficult task in passing up on this latest addition to the franchise.

    Upon release of the freebie DLC mode, which Capcom are insisting will be “shortly after launch”, DmC: Devil May Cry's rendition of the Bloody Palace will be made available to gamers upon competition of the main story mode sport, and sport a whopping 100+ levels — or “floors”, as they are better known to long-time followers of the series — of demons, monsters, bosses, and additional nefarious unpleasantries. Leaderboards and stat-tracking will mean that only the most dedicated and ruthless of devil-trouncing players are able to climb their way to the top of the global leaderboards and attain fame.

    Expect more news surrounding the release date of the Bloody Palace mode to surface soon.
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