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Apologies for the downtime - we're back up and I'll make sure it doesn't happen again


Fearfully and wonderfully made
May 1, 2006
Hi gang!

The site has been down entirely for the past 24 hours and that's on me - according to my domain registrar I was late on a payment or my account could not be billed properly; I'm not actually sure and I could not get a clear answer. I was able to pay up a mere hour after the domain had expired, but at that point the damage had been done and for many (including me and DD), we could not access the site except via a proxy.

I'm really sorry that those of you whom tried to access the site were not able to. It's exceptionally rare that I'm late on payments (this being my second time in 13+ years) and only once for this website, but it should not have happened and I'm going to take steps to try and make sure this doesn't happen again.

I have to dive off to pick up the kids from school, but will be around in the evening to answer any questions if you guys have any. Just for absolute clarification: this is on me and I'm going to own it. Have a happy Christmas and I hope that this doesn't sour the festivities for you guys.