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vergil rocks

i like stuff simple...i think so
werever i am




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    Legendary Devil Hunter

    Well done for staying with us for seven glorious years!
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    Skilled Devil Hunter

    You've been here for six years now! Insane!
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    Devil Hunter

    Cheers for sticking around for five years! Here's to five more!
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    Rookie Devil Hunter

    Thanks for sticking around for four whole years!
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    Devil Buster

    You've been registered for three years now!
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    Helm Breaker

    Thanks for sticking around for two years!
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    Dark Soul

    You've been here for one year now. Feel like part of the furniture yet?
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    Proud Soul

    You've been registered for one month. Stick around!
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    You've been registered for 7 days now. How you likin' the place?
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    This party's getting crazy!

    50 posts? Nice!
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    Looks like this is gonna be one heck of a party!

    10 messages posted. You must like it here!
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    Let's rock, baby!

    Congratulations on posting your first message!
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