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Before her beginning, Atlas had a ****ty lot in life. Her mother being a young human nurse who worked in the emergency room on trauma patients. The young beauty attracted the focus of a demon. There was more to this demon, some plot that her mother was unaware of. Needless to say and long story short, the demon caught the woman on her way home and had it's way with her in a hosts body. It vanished that exact night, and nine painful months later after such a awful experience, the twenty two year old woman had Atlas. Her name given to her by a spiteful grandmother, naming her after a Greek titan who was punished and made to hold the world on his shoulders. Destining her grand child to bear the weight of their world on her shoulders. The same night that Atlas was born, the demon returned to the woman and child in the hospital room. For reasons unknown, the demon brutally slaughtered the grandmother and mother of his child with the use of hell hounds. Creatures invisible to those not being hunted by them. For some reason or another, Atlas was unharmed when the demon had left and the nurses rushed into the gore.. How Atlas was passed over was unknown to them, but she was immediately taken into the orphanage upon her death. The only real reason she had survived through her childhood was due to being raised in a Church with the other orphans. Having grown up looking rather.. different, then the other children. She often was picked on for her white visage and frail beauty, but became a spit fire after throwing fists with other girls in her ward. Often getting in trouble throughout her years there. Once she turned sixteen, she left the orphanage… that's when things got interesting. 
The first day out and in the city, she witnessed something that would change her life forever. A man on a motorcycle drove by her, almost hitting her along with a few other pedestrians on the street. The man looked so cool.. with his red duster and white hair. Armed and packing, he sped off and out of sight. That was the look of freedom.. the look she envied.. 
Who was he? What was he doing? She never found out, but it motivated her. Moved, she began to contemplate her next steps down the path of life.
First thing she focused on was getting a job, not really qualified for anything, she had a bit of difficulty fitting in anywhere. Though she was good with her hands, and ended up working in a art studio as a apprentice. 
It wasn't till her third art show that a woman appeared and gave her a gift she had made herself in display of her appreciation of Atlas's art. It was a long, crimson trenchcoat. It was beautiful, and left Atlas's in awe, but having forgotten that image that had driven her so deeply before, she put it away into a closet of her apartment and forgot about it for some time. It wasn't till winter that she took it back out, wearing it while going out for coffee.
It was odd, how when she reached the pizza shop she was giving a particular look. Then it all went to hell. 
Whispers began to run up across the floor towards the female, turning and seeing nothing at the enterance despite the looming feeling of being surrounded. Turning her head back, she was startled by the fact that the man she was just talking to.. his mouth.. it had opened large enough to swallow the cash register, and rows upon rows of sharp teeth were bared and snarling at her, "Danteee.." It had hissed to her, Dante? Who the **** was Dante?!
She stepped away, and turned to run, but was cut off by the faster moving creature. It leapt at her, and she ducked behind a table. Watching it barrel over and slam into the counter before she ran around back and into the kitchen. It came after her, and she managed to dodge it's straight charges at her. Eventually she was forced into the walk in freezer, corner having slipped on the icy tiles. Though that was a blessing, because it flew right over her and slammed into a metal rack. Glancing up and grabbed a metal bar that had broken off while scrambling out of the freezer and running back outfront. Just in time to see a couple of kids had come in to get food. Stopping and yelling at them to leave, just as the demon ran out and leaped at her. Turning, the metal rod she had drove into the creatures heart.. or the human it had taken over. It died while toppling her over with it's weight. The kids ran out screaming, and that wasn't even the end of it.. 
Moments after the creature dissipated into thin air, a shadow crawled into the building and engulfed her. When she opened her eyes, she was standing infront of a hooded figure.. she assumed it was male, given the broad shoulders and voice. Long story short, it gave her a gun to fight off demons, "El sacerdotal".
She was often mistaken for some man after this, from what she gathered from the demons that would come after her, this man called Dante had gone to hell, and for all she knew, he was still there. A change in her art showed how her new 'job' was effecting her. Making darker, more twisted pieces that reflected the horrors of hell… at least from what she saw. During a time span over two years long, she faced off with small fries, but soon was caught off guard by a demon that once again made itself known to her. The same demon that gave her El Sacerdotal. This demon came to face off with her this time, but no longer under the veil of shadows and the unknown as Angelo, and announced he had lead her up to the point to gain "Dio's Rabia" in the Church ahead of them. Aiming to gain this blade in order to turn the tides of the war between hell and heaven. Needless to say he told that he had made her to gain a sword, and despite the coldness in his tone and uncaring look, he had told her that he was indeed her sire. Naturally, this did not go very well with Fenson, and she rushed head first into combat with him and beat her badly. She managed to get away by escaping onto holy ground, it was in that Church that she was given her second weapon. The angel Micheal himself came unto her. The general of heaven's army giving to her a gift to help her continue her righteous work., "Dio's Rabia".
Atlas has come to understand one language is understood throughout the world, and it's violence. Growing up in the aspect of violence, and encouraged by higher powers to keep down the path of hate and anger. The violence feeds the woman's rage and keeps her fighting spirit vibratant. Angel's don't care about a singular humans soul, and thus sacrificing her to save the whole is worth the price. Atlas came into owning the DMC when Dante was on his mission to hell, though she never sticks around long. Only when she is too wounded to fight does she ever come back, or to touch base with a man called Priest, her go to for information on the demonic realm and opened gates. She is generally a quiet person around Priest and strangers, and won't talk about her past or her problems. Even carrying the pain of her wounded left side without hinting to the handicapping it causes her more than often.
Atlas has a hard time getting along with people due to her alienation from childhood and the thing's she has witnessed. Because of this, she often doesn't sleep, and when she does, she had night terrors. Making being in the same room with her while she is asleep very dangerous since she often has her gun under her pillow and will shoot the first thing she see's when jerking away from the nightmare, whatever it may be about.
Atlas is unable to achieve her Devil Trigger. Her father, Asmodeus, placed a seal into her left side that keeps her weakened, and will eventually kill her. The seal is designed to collect all the energy she has, much like what is needed to change to D.T, but it doesn't allow it. Rather, it compresses the energy and fills her side, like a cancer. Until she is actually able to break the seal, or have someone else break it, she becomes more and more handicapped after each fight.
Despite all the draw backs to her abilities, Atlas continues to carry on the legacy of fighting back the powers of hell. Though things are about to get a bit out of hand. Her father's grant plot is coming down into the spot light, and he is planning on opening nine gates to hell. Nine gates, eight for the rest of his brothers, the prince's of hell, and one gate for the over ruler of hell himself, The Archangel Lucifer. With the threat of her uncles being released on the world, Atlas has her little hands full. Though his plan isn't limited to the nine princes. He plans on drawing the whole hierarchy of hell to earth. If not able to bring hell to earth, he see's it fit to remake it.
Atlas is abstaining from a relationship due to her first and only. Atlas was once engaged to a man in the marines, but while on duty, he was killed. An 'accident', though she is certain it was demonic doing. She wears his dog tags, and the promise ring he gave her. She keeps the ring hidden under her gloves, which she rarely takes off. The dog tags having a bullet hole from how her fiancee was killed by being shot in the chest by 'friendly fire'. With the weight of her loss, and Michael being on her back(Literally) she has become celibate.
Aug 5, 1990 (Age: 33)
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"I can't save anyone... But I sure as hell can try to stop them.."


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