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With Dante being' half-demon & angel...

Rebel Dynasty

Creator of Microcosms
Dec 12, 2013
Does this weaken the character's reason in terms of defending Humanity? He has no physical connection to humans anymore in terms of blood relation. I feel like he can't really be the voice for humans anymore as to saying "Humans have a heart to love". Although this may seem quite racial, Angels and Demons can love too. I don't know if I'm voicing my concern correctly, but Dante just doesn't seem to match as the protector of Humans considering he isn't even Human unlike classic Dante.

No, I don't think it weakens his desire to defend humanity; as others have stated, he has been heavily influenced by humans, so he bears a connection with them.

I will say this, though; for some, it's harder to connect to this Dante because of that lack of commonality. I don't mean this in a hostile way, but in the sense that I personally find it harder to connect with this version of him because to me, it feels like humanity is being protected by a "superior" species. The half human version is more relatable, in that sense.

However, that isn't to say I can't warm up to characters that completely lack humanity; there are a fair number of non-human characters I have no trouble connecting with in some way, shape, or form, such as Castiel from Supernatural.

But as to DmC Dante's connection with humanity? He has just as much reason to want to protect humanity as classic Dante does.


I'm just some guy who really like Devil May Cry
Mar 18, 2012
Cm15 8pt, Shenfield Essex, London
Vergils logic is not that much different than Mundus's. They both see it as their right, because they are strong and we are weak. While Vergil justified his rule as him being the guide for humanity, he was selling the exact same product as Mundus with a different name. That may not have been his intention, but that is what he was doing.

Put it this way, lets say you are the king of the human empire. You have modern weapons, culture etc etc. You liberate another city from the tyrannical rule of its king leaving you with a war torn city and thousands of cavemen slaves now without a master. What would the right thing be?

I realise this comparison is somewhat vague and doesn't incorporate everything here but I think it works nicely.

That being said, I think it highlights even more how much adversity Dante will fave down the road. He has nothing to tie him to humanity and he may not even be welcomed.


A self-diagnosed misanthrope
Jan 7, 2014
He just wants to protect humans as he likes humans and wants them to be safe and he hates demons

Not exactly. Just like humans, angels and demons have a rebel in their crowd too. Someone who doesn't really agree with their way of living and thinking. Take Phineas for example. He's a demon, sure, but he actually hates Mundus and provides Dante with information that are crucial to beating him. Dante, in the other hand, doesn't kill him in the first sight. He helps him get his eye and develops a little 10-minute friendship with him. A friendship with benefits, but a friendship nonetheless.

That was the same case with old Dante. He didn't hate demons. He just hated pretentious douchebags..who simply turned out to be demons.
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