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What Have You Bought Recently?


I Saw the Devil
Oct 15, 2011
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Two of my favorite games are the original DMC and Bloodborne and I single those two out because, well DMC1 is my favorite game, period, and it's hard to find merch that I am kinda happy to display and the only other time this has happened is with BloodBorne.

For DMC1 there was some interesting stuff years and years ago. Rusty key replicas, tall posters, Alastor keychains and so on, but I couldn't afford them back when they were available and even if I could, I don't know that I can say that's a satisfactory collectable. Posters are fine but none of them have had an image I'd like to hang on my way. There's been plenty of figures and statuettes but, honestly, I think they all have ugly faces. I've never seen a DMC1 Dante statue where they got the face right. They do have the neon signs online but none with the silhouette so, not good enough. You can't really display artbooks or soundtracks and I can't find a collectable that I'd say that's the one.

The same thing happened with Bloodborne. There really isn't a collectible I've seen that I'd love to own and display. I have a 90x60cm poster of the cover for (around 24x36 in.) which I mount, along with these posters. Only ones I own. Still, not really what I'd call a great collectable. There are a few affordable statues of the hunter and I love Le Pacte des Loups (saw that mof'kr in theatres) but he's not a character. Now, Lady Maria, I'd love to own. Her is gorgeous, detailed and iconic, but that thing goes for $3,000 US. NOBODY has that much spare cash. This might not be that great by contrast but I like it well enough to be pretty happy with it.
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