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What do you think of Android TV boxes?

Health Drink

Well-known Member
Sep 17, 2020
I have a 6K one, where you basically get apps from the Google Play Store, so in a manner of speaking, it's the closest you can get to buying yourself a personal computer for under £40, that is not a Raspberry Pi type thing... :)

Anything else you download outside of the store has to be in APK format. They are very good for their low cost, in my opinion. But the on screen keyboard on the browsers isn't needed if you use a wired or wireless keyboard, so it gets quite annoying seeing it there. And apart from that, installing 'Null Keyboard' screws up the 'Go / Enter button', so you may as well use Gboard to minimalise the damn keyboard, that takes up most of the room. :(

Another thing that is similar is the updated Google Chromecast, with Google TV included, so it doesn't just cast your phone over Wi-Fi like the prior version did. But as it only has one USB-C port or something, you need a whole rig linked up to it, and it goes into a HDMI port, so that's going to be kind of awkward to reach if it's at the back of your unit. And with all of these other devices hanging into all of these hubs!

Anyhow... I do like them. What about you?

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Jun 28, 2018
We have android box but for now we watch movies but still we don't ditch normal TV (Special ones or when family is bored) or sometimes give my sister kids network cartoons (think as bonus but collection from around my country that any CD you previously bought will shrink your budget and this also includes for family use ;)).
And here is the part I love there is sometimes you want do something special like play a game or do a high end job that your box can't handle, with mirror cast you can separate devil from human (going DMC 5 Yamato vibe) and yes I use my Samsung dex do crazy works on my mobile :ROFL:.
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