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What Are You Thinking?

Daring Dylan

This is all we got now.
Feb 27, 2010
Behind you
NotSoAwesomeFaise;203792 said:
Dani needs to get online. She needs to PM me back on FGAM. T_T

I wanna play Sims 2.

I'm not doing the dishes, 'Te. You do them. D:

Does NSAF have ADD? Yes, I do. :cool:

I actually have to type out : cool : for the emote? Why can't I just put :cool: Like on my other forums?

('-' )
Ohai thar, NSAF. I joined like you asked me to.

Dante's Stalker

"Outrun this!"
Supporter 2014
Apr 3, 2008
hiding in the DMC office.
Is thinking, I could explain to my x that chatting to friends via MSN, posting in a RP thread, PMing fellow authors on fanfiction. net and hanging around this forum to connect to some more writers, actually IS me being productive. But he won't get it. He never gets me. No one does. T_T I feel sooo alone!!!! Where the HECK is Zany when I need him? ;_;

Today was a good good good day.

I'm going to email Daniel Southworth and tell him "Dude, your voice is awesome, you're one of the most awesome voice actors out there - signed, a devoted fan". What I really mean is, Gah DANNY! I love your voice, it makes me melt, it gives me chills, it makes my blood pump faster and heart soar, it makes me want to kidnap you and keep you locked in my room so I can hear you talk to me alllll the time. But he doesn't need to know the details. He just needs to know I like what he does. Else we're looking at a restraining order here, because I'm not such a great big fan of Vergil, but I AM a fan of Dan's voice. Gah, it's like silky velvet in my ears. :wub:

I'm still waiting for Reuben to tell me what his favourite colour MnM is. I know. I'm just overflowing with random, pointless questions. I really am curious though. I'm thinking he's gonna say green. Because so far all his answers have been the total opposite of what I hoped it would be :lol: