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I Saw the Devil
Oct 15, 2011
Just read the last chapter of My Dress Up Darling. Juju's low tolerance for scares iiiiissss... a thing, but her reaction to the cake was brilliant. You ever see something that while you didn't laugh you might think to yourself, or say out loud, 'that was was hilarious'? That was me.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Sep 14, 2010
"The Knight, the fool and the dead" by Steve Cole. It's a Doctor Who tie in novel set during the Time Lord Victorious event. That event is set after the Water of Mars episode from 2009. The 10th Doctor journeys to a planet called Aldhani. The inhabitants are approached by the Kotthuri, a group of aliens that have found a way to stop death through a device called the Lifeshroud. The Doctor is suspicious of their claim and investigates.

He teams up with Brian a mysterious alien assassin who wants the device for his employer, Chaskal a crooked politician who hires Brian, Fallomax an amoral scientist who had a previous encounter with the Kotthuri and Estine a young girl of interest to the Kotthuri.

It's a great read and feels like a lost Doctor Who episode. I'm looking forward to it's sequel "All Flesh is Glass".

I just want Davies to patch things up with Eccleston and adapt "All Flesh is grass" as a miniseries for Disney+. It's a great multi- Doctpr story between 8, 9 and 10. It also follows up on the events of "The knight, the fool and the dead" and acts as a bridge from the Waters of Mars to the End of time.
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Rebel Dynasty

Creator of Microcosms
Dec 12, 2013
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My daughter got it for me last Christmas (off my list), and I have to say, I wish I'd started it way sooner. It was one of those books I was afraid to get into because EVERYONE was talking about it at the time, so I was afraid I'd set the bar too high. Suffice it to say, I'll be getting its sequels in the near future.

(It's not dystopian, because they've essentially got a utopia, but it's not fully cyberpunk either, because the technology doesn't rule their lives to the same extent as, say, Psycho-Pass or the Matrix. But it definitely fits in there, somewhere).