What are you doing?Either at home,work or somewhere.

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I have no name for I am but 2 days old ;).
Started playing Life is Strange episode 2- Nathan feels like a real-life supervillain. :thumbsdown:

Poor Kate :banghead::'(

Finished Wolf Among Us episode 2. Tried to be nice and got a bottle to the face. Next time no mercy Beast.:whistle:

I finished the Neil Gaiman masterclass:thumbsup:.

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"Outrun this!"
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I've been tossing and turning for hours but I just can't get to sleep.
So I came downstairs; stopped twice to look back behind me because I genuinely thought someone was following me; to drink a big as glass of milk because apparently that's a thing.
I notice it's nearly 3am and now I'm super paranoid. I get my milk, hear more soft thudding on the stairs, and book it out of the kitchen into the lounge.
Now I'm sitting here, friggin tired but wired, with a glass of milk I don't think I can drink because my stomach is doing loops and I feel sick.

So, that's pretty much what I'm doing right now.