Was anyone else disappointed with how the story went for DMC5?


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It is stated that sparda trained dante and vergil whit the sworld when they were kid you can clearly read this in dmc 5 novel... Eva did know about mundus but didn't know that he would return, they were having a happy life...
Did you understand what I say?
Let me explain more clearly
Sparda defeated mundus 2000 years ago, he than merryed Eva 2000 years later and have two twins, they live happy in red graver city, sparda give Yamato and rebellion to Dante and vergil and trained them sometimes in the art of the sword, one day sparda disappeared, and than one day mundus resurrected and send his army to kill the twins and Eva... They were never on the run from mundus, mundus returned one day and send his army to kill her, she didn't expect this to happen....

Where is stated that in old canon sparda Eva vergil and Dante where always on the move to hide from mundus? Please send a source because I don't remember this...

Have you played dmc 1? Dante say that he had power since he was a child his strength wasn't that of an ordinary human, also you say that dante strength was not different from that of an ordinary human until he awakened his demon half, but this is completely wrong since in dmc 3 he manage to defeat every demon in his way even before the end of mission 7, the mission in Wich he awakened his demon half... Dante was always more powerful that a normal human even whitout his demon half awakened, this is clearly stated in dmc 1 and 3...
Take nero for example, he never awakens is true demon until dmc 5 and yet his strength were grater than that of a normal human, this is also clearly state in his file in dmc 5 and in dmc 5 novel...
Did you read what I write in the previous post? I write that mundus resurrected and send his army to kill Eva and the twins, it's useless that you rewrite it since I already know it... They were never on the move as far as I remember please send a source that say this
Where is this stated that Mundus was resurrected (outside of DMC1) or that Eva didn't know about Mundus or the fact that he would come after them, its most likely the reason Sparda left in the first place. The DMC5 novel dedicates one line about training Vergil and Dante and since they were at least younger than 8 since they were actually eight when Eva died and Sparda left way before that, that training was probably very minimale and we've been shown how they "spar" in flashbacks its more then likely they never took it seriously until after they were both on there own. DMC1 is really wonky about its translations because while the opening doesn't mention Mundus being destroyed, Trish mentions he's been resurrected, by who, who knows, but then goes on to say his powers were sealed by Sparda so its a bit of a contradiction since it was never stated he died.
"20 years ago Mundus the emperor of the underworld ressurected... Yes, his powers were sealed by Sparda, he's attempting to take control of the human world once again."- Opening Cinematic of DMC1

"Even as a child I had powers, there's demonic blood in me"- Opening Cinematic of DMC1 after Trish throws his sword into his chest and then throws a motorcycle at him and electrocutes it.

Dante my have exelerated healing powers, and abnormal strength but it's not shown in canon that as a child he was beating up people or demons or the extent of what he did or showed since they lived among other humans, its all theory on both sides until we get definitive proof.

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series episode 8, "Once Upon A Time" which is still canon introduces a character from Dantes childhood that talks about how Eva and Dante moved away suddenly from Morris Island after a demon attack on there town. So its one instance in canon were they lived away from Red Grave City.

"Anthony its me, I'm Ernest don't say you don't remember me?... Just they way you speak I'd know that cranky attitude anywhere, theres no doubt about it, I can understand why you'd rather no want to remember all that, that was a terrible event but at last at long last I can clear you and your mother's names I found eriffutable evidence that it was all caused by a demon theres no doubt Dante." -Ernest when meeting Dante for a job.

And in DMC3 Lady is shown to be able to do the exact same when it comes to what we seen on screen, also the fact that in DMC4 she's able to fight even demonic bosses and the fact that human hunters are a normal thing in DMC its totally natural for humans to be able to fight demons. Dante in 3 just doesn't care since he knows most demons won't be able to land a killing blow on him that he lets them take cheap shots at him. (As shown in the DMC3 opening)

Plus using Nero as an example of being stronger than a human is a terrible example since its his human blood that makes him stronger than Dante and Vergil since he's only 1/4 demon instead of 1/2.

The house and the park are not far from one another, they are far in dmc 5 because the city was destroyed by the qliphot tree and the house was taken away from is original position and put far away under the three, that's why v had to do a long way around, and that why house and park are divide by a crater, but if the crater wasn't there the park would have been near the house...
Thats not how holes work, if theres a crater that usually means something used to be and since both the cutscene of Vergil entering his house and the Bonus Art of their house in Ch17 of DMC5 show no signs of being anywhere near a city or playground its safe to assume that a public playground was no where near the house again its meta discussion since the playground was used to segway their childhood home.

The fact of the matter is, is that you disagree with my opinion but DMC5 definitley made past DMC lore non-canon.

"always picking on me, always hurting me, always being better...."-DMC1 comic Dante awaking from a dream where he lost a sparing match against Vergil.

Dante on where he was when Eva was killed.

Though the DMC1 Novel goes into how Dante couldn't understand his mothers death because of how young he was so thats fun.

"Mommy. Mommy...Hey, Mommy!" The young child shook the body of his fallen mother, but she already breathed her last. They body didn't understand. "Mommy!" (DMC pg 77)

It was also after her death that he became interesting in Rebellion.(DMC pg 161)

vergil was even able to defeat some of mundus demons by using Yamato when he was assoulted that night, so they are no weak kid...
I went back to this because I thought maybe it was in a later chapter of VoV that I missed but I don't know where you go this do you have a source?

Though it doesn't really matter since pretty much everything I sourced besides, funnily enough the DMC1 novel, are in some form non- canon now due to 5 and I'm sure it'll be the case in future installments.

And thats all I really have to say about the subject that its fun to look back at old asshole Vergil I really miss the dude.


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They didn't know Than mundus would have attacked them that s all, they know about him probably but they didn't expected to be attacked...

Dante and vergil were far powerful than any human beign, I never say that the twin beat someone to prove that, but it's obvious that if some fight would have accured they would have defeated any foe, they are the son of sparda not common human, also you have quoted dmc 1 yourself and say that he could have had healing powers and abnormal strength, so sometimes you should simply admit that you are wrong since dmc 1 and 3 stated well that dante was always more powerful than a normal human...

Also you are contradicting yourself saying that Nero is stronger because he had more human blood whil previously you say that to be stronger someone like dante had to awaken their half demon...

Eva dante vergil and sparda where never on the run, the anime mission 8 flashback take place after Dante's mother die, then one they are talking about isn't dante s mother, since you can clearly understand that vergil is never mentioned its obviously that that period of time take place after Eva death, dante move on from red grave city probably meet some woman who begin to take care of him and went to Ernest city... It cant take place before because dante and vergil were always togheter and sparda was in red grave city before disappearing, but enrnest only mention dante and its mother, where are vergil and sparda? It obviously take place after Eva death, the one Ernest is talking about its not dante mother, it's just someone who was taking care of him... Also there is no proof in old Canon that they were on the run unless you link someone....

Lady can fight demon boss in dmc 4? Where sorry I did miss something? Lady only appear in two cutscene, if you are taking her campaign for example that completely non Canon... It's show in dmc 3 and the anime that she had difficult fighting larger foe whitout dante help, Infact in dmc 3 mission 9 in the opening cutscene dante left lady fighting lesser demon and she is still there after the end of mission 9, she had difficulty taking care of them soon....

How hole works sorry? XD
Didn't you see that half of the city is in the air? There was nothing in that hole, probably the house was there but was taken away , the park and the house where at least near the house, then house was taken far away...

vergil used Yamato to kill demon in dmc 3 manga, he was in a grave yard and was attacked by demon during the night at red grave city and he use Yamato to defeat them, you can clearly see that he is impaled by many demon weapon but dispite that he manage to survive and fight back using Yamato, another proof that dante and vergil had power since they were kid

Also vergil was depicted to not be near dante and Eva during mundus army attack even in dmc 3 manga, so vergil being a lone wolf WAs always the problem not Eva not looking or caring for him

I know that dmc devil may cry isn't part of that Canon, but since character personality are very similar, I want to take vergil and Dante relationship as an example, in vergil dlc, Eva say that he loved vergil and Dante in the same way, but vergil say that she loved dante more, obviously that's not true its only a vergil assumption, the same things can be applaied to the original dmc Canon
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Though the DMC1 Novel goes into how Dante couldn't understand his mothers death because of how young he was so thats fun.

"Mommy. Mommy...Hey, Mommy!" The young child shook the body of his fallen mother, but she already breathed her last. They body didn't understand. "Mommy!" (DMC pg 77)

It was also after her death that he became interesting in Rebellion.(DMC pg 161)
Lemme be nitpicky for a quick sec

That was Force Edge.............which apparently spoke to him. He questions if the weapon actually talked or if it was a trick from the demons.