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Vergil getting DmC vergils moves


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Jan 21, 2021
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In order to balance things out, they made it so that Vergil's Air Trick has far more range than Dante's Air Trick.
Sure, you need to peg the enemy with a Mirage Blade first but once its on, there's almost no escape.

I can't exactly measure the length of Vergil's Air Trick but I feel like it's three times the length of Dante's version.
Just sucks that the Mirage Blades counts as a "Gun" attack, so enemies like Baphomet and Lusachia can deflect it with their shields, from what I remember.
Yes, Vergil's Air Trick with concentration can go really far. Almost half of The Void available training space.
You don't especially need mirage blades to do Air Trick but concentration gauge if the ennemy is far.

Baphomet and Lusachia don't deflect Mirage Blades but prevent your from teleporting to them if their shield is on.