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Vergil getting DmC vergils moves


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Jan 21, 2021
In order to balance things out, they made it so that Vergil's Air Trick has far more range than Dante's Air Trick.
Sure, you need to peg the enemy with a Mirage Blade first but once its on, there's almost no escape.

I can't exactly measure the length of Vergil's Air Trick but I feel like it's three times the length of Dante's version.
Just sucks that the Mirage Blades counts as a "Gun" attack, so enemies like Baphomet and Lusachia can deflect it with their shields, from what I remember.
Yes, Vergil's Air Trick with concentration can go really far. Almost half of The Void available training space.
You don't especially need mirage blades to do Air Trick but concentration gauge if the ennemy is far.

Baphomet and Lusachia don't deflect Mirage Blades but prevent your from teleporting to them if their shield is on.


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Jun 19, 2009
In case nobody mentioned it yet:

- Crosscut is now Yamato Combo A. They got rid of two slashes before the final strike for the regular combo but adds two slashes back in for the DT version of the combo. The two stage Upper Slash attack from DMC3 seems to have been worked into the DT version of Yamato Combo A.

- Orbit is now Aerial Rave B. It's almost the same, except that Vergil spins his sword upwards, probably to match Nero's Roulette Spin, being father and son.

- Rising Star totally maintains its general motions and name but is executed differently.

- Back in DMC3, you must summon Spiral Swords first before you can do Storm Swords or Blistering Swords. The original idea was that you shred your enemies with Spiral Swords and then you use what's left of those swords for the follow-up moves. Or you can summon them and quickly shoot them out while they're still intact. DmC introduced skipping the Spiral Swords step and immediately doing Storm or Blistering Swords.

- Upper Slash from DMC3 was strictly a grounded move, with a two-stage attack. You launch an enemy in the air and then press the Sword button again to slash the launched enemy back down. As mentioned earlier, this seems to have been reworked into the DT version of Yamato Combo A. DmC introduced an Upper Slash that allows you to jump up with the enemy. This is now incorporated into DMC4:SE & DMC5 as Upper Slash 2.

- DmC Vergil's Helm Breaker is now Aerial Cleave. Instead of switching to Force Edge for a Helm Breaker, you can now do a similar downwards strike with the Yamato.
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