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Tougher Boss Fights [Vergil] by SamD 8/14/2013

Feb 2, 2013
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1: drop folder over steam folder, overwrite, enjoy. Boss health for Vergil in all difficulties is greatly increased. He’s quite the challenge on Hell and Hell enjoy.
Change log.
- Added Devastating AOE explosion with Rapid Slash and Judgement Cut, this is a very very difficult boss fight so be careful.
- Increased Health from 3000 – 12500.
- Increased Aggression
- Increased frequency of all attacks + counters
-increased overall damage by Vergil
-increased item usage penalty to 1,250,000 instead of 10000.
- Fixed many clipping issues with Vergil’s Coat.
Haven’t done a score edit yet.
But if you can do the fight with over 300,000 points and under minutes. Consider yourself SSSensational.
Good Luck, I tested it, its possible, don’t cry too much.
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