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Aug 25, 2008
Stumbled across the site while searching for some new fan art to add to my collection, liked the layout and some of the topics in the general threads, and thought I would stick around. Been a DMC fan since the 2nd installment, though I have to admit I haven't had the chance to finish the 4th one yet (damn school!). Also a big RPG fan, especially JPRGs.

Really enjoy the reading, reviewing and critiquing aspect of the forum experience. Base most of my purchase decisions on what people who have followed/played a game say, not IGN/Gameinformer/1-up, etc, though they are helpful. The best reviews and discussions come from the fans, not from someone paid to sit and run through game after game and apply their take to a point scale.....but I digress.

Look forward to browsing the forums and contributing when/where I can, and being part of what seems to be a active and fun community of gamers like myself. :D


TimeLord Detective
Feb 6, 2007
Demonic Realm
Welcome to the forums. I agree to the stuff you said about rating a game. To have an opinion about (pretty much anthing not only a game, but oh well) a game you should play and experience for yourself what you like and dislike about it and not rely on sites/magazines and the rest. I hope you like the forum;)
Not open for further replies.