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Tim Phillipps provides us with a SSSensational interview!


Fearfully and wonderfully made
May 1, 2006
We asked you guys, our awesome Devil May Cry-lovin’ community, to provide us with a dozen or so questions with which to forward onto Tim Phillipps, voice actor and motion caption performer behind DmC: Devil May Cry‘s lead protagonist Dante, and we were overwhelmed by the response. We received a dizzying number of great questions, so much so that it was incredibly difficult to whittle them down to just 12, but we were thrilled by your creativity, and equally thrilled to learn more about Tim and his on-screen half angel, half-demon alter-ego.

Read on to learn more about everybody’s favourite demon-offing, quip-slinging Nephilim.

What did you do to prepare for your role, studying up on Dante or footage from the games, if anything? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: My preparation for DmC began by completely familiarizing myself with the script and understanding each character’s purpose and journey. We began with a table read to hear the story from start to finish. Having all of the voices in the one room brought the story to life for the first time. In the week leading up to shooting we had rehearsals and work shopped some of the bigger scenes. [Tameem Antoniades] and I had in depth discussions about where we needed to take the new Dante. I didn’t watch old cut scenes or play any previous games because I wanted to treat this character as if there was a clean slate. Dante’s character and persona was written into the script, I brought myself to him and then Tameem molded me to shape his story.

If you were pulled into Limbo and you could only pick one of Dante’s weapons to fight the demons, which would it be and why? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: I would take Rebellion. That sword is fast, effective and has some dope moves… Can I take a back up? Revenant… have you used Fireworks? AWESOME!

What did you think about the fan-outburst against new Dante? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: It was inspiring. Walking into the role of an already loved character comes enormous pressure. Adding to that, Dante has a brand new look which many fans were unhappy about. I was forced to really try and please the fans.

Is Tameem as awesome as he sounds? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: Tameem and I had a great working relationship. There was fantastic communication between us and together we found the Dante that is on your console.

What is the scene you had the most fun with? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: The End. The standoff with Vergil is when everything comes to a climax so filming that was very exciting.

Was there ever any improvisational acting or dialog on your or any of the other actors’ part? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: There was room, it was less of improvisation and more molding and sculpting the scenes. Working with motion capture provides a lot of cinematic freedom. The environment is created around you in post-production and the physical world that we live in disappears. This means that there were very few limitations when doing multiple takes giving us the chance to try different things and give the editor and creators multiple options to choose from.

How was it to work with the team on this game? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: The team at Ninja Theory were great, I am still in touch with some of them and whom I consider good friends. The crew at Giant Studios were awesome too!

Did you and David De Lautour have to learn how to use swords (or Kendo bamboo swords)? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: Haha unfortunately not. The combat was not part of our job description… very good news for you gamers, I don’t think that you would have much hope against the demons if Dante had the physical coordination that I have.

Would you ever live Dante’s life if you had the choice? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: He’s rock and roll. Der, I’d live his life.

Will you make an appearance in the new Downfall DLC? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: I don’t actually know. Is it out yet? Maybe you could tell me?

Will [you] play Dante again? That is my question! SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: I very much hope so.

Did you have to do much wire work or acrobatics? If so, how comfortable were you with it? SUBMITTED BY

Tim Phillipps: The most physical I had to get was jumping from a height to a mat or bashing a piece of foam with a stick… gotta love MoCap.

Tim, thank you for taking the time to talk with your fans!

Tim Phillipps: Thanks for the questions. If you have any more I’ll do my best to answer them on twitter .


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