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The ranting thinking thread


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Jun 19, 2009
Stomach cramp going on for two months.
There are no "safe" foods, everything I eat causes cramps.
Only feel good and clear-headed when my stomach is done digesting in between meals but I'll be hungry by then.
Completed course for multiple medications for bloating, cramps, stomach ache, heartburn, etc. but none of them worked.
Need to get checked at hospital but running low on funds.
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Mar 12, 2019
People that avoid giving straight answers and refusing to make it about understanding are the worst.

They think it's "me". I can only refelct them. It's not me. It's "themselves". Why would anyone CHOOSE to misunderstand? That's just going to fuel the fear of conflict they have. Seems pretty counter produtive to me.

I can be fine with honest hypocrites. Just not people that continue to BS me. EXCHANGE viewpoints. No matter how "in the right" you think you are.

I'd love to say it's easy. But for some people it clearly isn't.


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Feb 24, 2007

I was only writing this as a personal experience...
Is this actually a general thing that happens to others?
I'm being largely tongue in cheek, but I'd definitely happily take money off my eldest if she offered it. Gift horse and all that jazz.

She never actually offers me money. She wasn't even very good at paying me rent...
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Mar 12, 2019
I'll join the club.

On the other hand, as you probably know, my mom was pretty abusive in every way possible. So this should be no surprise.
Abuse huh? That can be a strange thing.

I knew someone that had an abusive parents. But abusive people do care. Even when things are volatile.

Dante decided what was best for Nero. BZZT! Incorrect. Nero made his own choice. Nero and Virgil show how abuse can be done with agreements and without deciding for each other. It's a great example. Dante meanwhile is lying there in shock and has to take a nap. People might not realize it but Dante actually is really abusive with Virgil. "Give me this. I stop you that. Have to kill. Point my weapon first and provoke the fight." Virgil is ruthless, sure, but he's having to defend himself.

It's hard to tell if Dante is getting better or worse as he gets older. He seems to be more and more "deciding for others" the older he gets. At least Virgil is there to keep him in check now they're not trying to kill each other. I think Dante learned his lesson after Nero (and perhaps the bird). Maybe he'll learn to value communication more. He might not like it but honesty is honesty.