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The ranting thinking thread


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Feb 19, 2008
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@Carlos, I made the choice to do so, and it wasn't just because of the Australian guy who bothers me. I've just gotten so fed up of the crap in general with YouTube. Besides, Capcom will never change their money grabbing ways, so the way I see it, why keep dwelling on what they do? :p
If you feel good about this move then good on you. I use YouTube as a way to further my brand, and raise my presence. However, if I have a harasser on my channel. I do everything in my power to make sure they don't do it anymore.

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Sep 17, 2020
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He may have told Nemesis that I uploaded his old RE rants to archive.org, since I cannot find them anymore. OK. Do I have any evidence? Nah. But that's typically what a grass does. After all, he did tell a minister who produces Christian films, that I uploaded his feature film without his consent. That's in spite of the fact that I am in the UK, and don't know this guy. I just knew him from Dot50Cal's old forum, and a few Capcom ones. Because, yeah. As if the guy I met for a professional purpose would just happen to find it otherwise. That, and some other guy who was a watcher of mine (I'll just call him P.F.) was giving links. He emailed me after I deleted my channel, hoping I will make another one. I didn't answer him. And nope. I'm through with RE debates for good, because let's face it. Capcom has no interest in hearing about our viewpoints. Resident Evil just isn't what it was, mate.

But oh well. If he has to get proof removed to hide the fact he used to once dislike Capcom, I guess I was right about him being a hypocrite. Since he stopped bashing Capcom years ago, I slowly started to give up supporting his channel anyway. He basically disowned me because of something I said once, yet I stuck up for him when the community saw him as a therat. He changed forever, and now he's no different from any other YouTuber, shill, or whatever the case may be. Pretty ironic though, considering he said fanboys were the problem.

The content he makes, and it ain't consistent any longer, is absolutely crap. Even I made better content, but no one really even watched me much. :D

Besides, I don't even care about spewing about RE stuff anymore. This is why I requested that my GameFAQs account be closed. Because I basically said to myself that it's over. In fact, I am not even mad about RE anymore.

Capcom may have ruined some aspects of the franchise, but at least it's not dead like say, Silent Hill. However, yes, they did mess it up. But there's nothing anybody can do. So why be angry every week? :D


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Mar 22, 2019
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"I miss my daughter."

Excuse me, you abusive, narcissistic, alcoholic, sick inhumane prick? What did you call me? I have no mother, thus you don't have a daughter, assuming that there isn't another unknown, tormented soul in this world who had to face your sick desires to humiliate and destroy your very own children.
I fought for years to gain the strength to kick you the f*ck out of my life. I escaped. Good luck thinking I'll ever answer your pathetic phone calls or listen to your manipulation and lies.

Another worrisome thoughts, I've been suffering from headache for a week, I have an appointment to the doctor tomorrow and I was "strongly recommended" with a sick leave to cut the constant pain, which I would rather not agree with. As a trainee, it is not that nice to have a sick leave, whatever the reason.
Of course I'll obey the doctor's orders, just that I'd rather find any other solution than a sick leave. I like my job and I'd like to show it as well.

(Related to this, @Morgan, sorry for still not sending you the tea recipe – I've been rarely feeling like writing anything and sitting at the bright computer screen for abovementioned reason o_O)

// I just came here to add that it's somehow funny how getting familiar with the Bible has actually helped me a lot during the past year. If I ever get another tattoo, I want it to be a simple text: "Ps. 27:10"*. I'd like to have it in my right wrist next to the scar that my mother made with a burning cigarette.
* 'Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me.' That just calms me down.
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