The One in Blue Revived Me with the Golden Orb!


Greetings. I'm VergilReborn & have been reborn since DMC 5. Forever & immortal shall I remain in the series of the DMC video games. (!)

In all seriousness, I've been a fan of this miraculous series since 2012. I was indirectly introduced from an ex pal, whom we lost touch with each other over the years, who was an enormous gamer. He happened to have been playing DMC4. At the time, it didn't phase me one bit. However, in 2012 was when I decided to try it out, curious to know what the intrigue was all about. It was for the PS3 system, obviously! Nero was my favorite at the time. Some time later is when Dante grew onto me. I then purchased DMC3 SE for the PS3 system. I didn't get big on DMC2. DMC1 was pretty decent. However, DMC3 captures my heart! Vergil immediately intrigued me but grew onto me rapidly rather than progressively, like Dante. I've been hardcore a Vergil gal ever since! Vergil, the One in Blue, has never failed to impress me to this day!!!!!

Sadly, as DmC came out, an apathetic phase took over. I was highly dismayed with that version, despite I never played it. Just watching it on YouTube said enough for me. I disappeared into the shadows of the gaming world, as I'm very meticulous on which games I play to begin with. Yet, once I found out that Vergil was brought back into the picture as well as Nero, for DMC 5, light pierced into my apathetic black hole!! However, I haven't played the game yet. I avoid any spoilers for the time being as I don't even own a PS4 yet.

I just recently found out a DMC4 SE with Vergil is available but only for PS4. I also repurchased DMC3 SE for PS2 instead this time (I had given awn/sold my DMC games as I was literally THAT depressed as I thought DmC was taking over!). *For those who enjoy DmC, to each their own! It just doesn't suit my palette!!!* LOL

Thanks, & long live the immortal Vergil!!!