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The Last of Us may be getting remade!


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Jan 19, 2013
Calling it “Part 1” just reinforces the nightmare that was the sequel. :p
At the same time, it reinforces that the original TLOU has nothing to do with Part II and doesn't lead into it, since this new installment has Part I in the title and the original does not.

TLOU (2013) was a game so beloved that despite it only selling 1.3 million in its first week of sales as an original IP, it built up good word of mouth until it sold 8 million copies within its first year, then more-than-doubled those sales across 3+ years, totaling 17 million in lifetime sales by its 5th anniversary. It currently hovers around an estimated 20 million sales as of 2020 and it was tracked as having 44.5 million unique players across PS3 and PS4 ( ).

TLOU Part 2 (2020) is a non-canon spinoff reboot sequel that's superficially based off of TLOU (2013). The base characters are named after the ones in the preceding game, but they were cursed with uncanny valley Mandela Catalogue-esque faces, entire locations are altered, character motivations are inconsistent if not straight up OOC, there's a whole race-swap, blatant false advertising in the trailer preying on people's sentiment from the first game, and retconned characters that didn't exist prior are now the main thrust of the plot of this "sequel". In its first three days of sales, it netted 4 million copies, but suffered from poor word of mouth, was heavily discounted at least a month after release (including a 50% off sale by September of release year), had only 7.2 million unique players on PS4 ( ), then took two years post-release to finally hit 10 million copies sold (told to us at this recent Summer Games Fest), with no word on when exactly those sales came in since the contained no update to the sales figures beyond the initial 4 million. .

TLOU Part I (2022) is a newly made prequel to the perceived-successful spinoff reboot sequel that was TLOU Part 2 (2020). Although it looks like a shot for shot remake of TLOU (2013), the characters are (like the TLOU Part 2 models were backfitted onto the first game's animation data), locations are altered, and will likely contain references to characters that exist in TLOU Part 2 (2020) but not in TLOU (2013).

You're witnessing one man's spiteful repudiation of a beloved classic in real time, as he gets revenge for his ideas being rejected and imposes his own vision (bastardization) of the characters people came to care about. He may not be directing, but it will never be a coincidence that TLOU Part 2 has the exact same "chasing someone across the country for revenge over a dead male relative" plot that Druckmann wanted to write for Tess in the original game but that Straley and co. rejected. One of Druckmann's original ideas was also having women be the only ones infected by the Cordyceps virus while males had natural immunity, until a bunch of his female staff told him that the premise looked like a cheap excuse to shoot women in the face.

The likelihood is high that the Fireflies will be made out to be more competent than they ever were, the plan to harvest the cure from Ellie's brain could be presented as a 100% certainty (to justify Ellie's suicidal ideation in the second game), and the hospital that the Fireflies are in will continue to look like a .

There is a spin off in the works too. It will take place in San Francisco, and have multiplayer gameplay.

That looks like they're spinning off Factions into its own thing instead of being the multiplayer bundled with the original game.
Did we even get multiplayer for Part II, or did they just give up on it?

Depending on the price i may buy this, i bought it twice on 2 previous gens already ha

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It's going to be sold for $70 USD.
TLOU is good, but it's not "$70 for a graphical update" good, especially with the multiplayer gutted from it.
You can get the actual remaster for less and just play it on a PS5. Or get it on a PC and mod it.
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Health Drink

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Sep 17, 2020
Same here.

Everyone else except sheep have more or less determined that it's a cash grab. However, hard work needs to be commended, nonetheless. But I am not going to pay even more money for a game I bought twice in prior years. No can do, sir!

It's honestly about time we got something new. And we are. But these days, it's normally a case of getting both rehashed material, and the occasional fresh turd, or piece of treasure. Depending on the outcome of the fans, and whether they took to what was offered up.

Health Drink

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Sep 17, 2020
Oh, don't remind me about Days Gone. :(

Really sad how that plays pretty much just like The Last of Us. Yet a lot of people bashed it.

I don't feel like paying nearly £100 for a remaster of a game I bought twice before. Didn't really play the PS3 version at all until years later. I had a bad time with things around 2013.