The Crow Mod (Eric Draven) Fixed:

Dark Angel

The Alpha & The Omega
Mod Requested by @seanobrien6

-Note: I not make no money out this mod or own it I just tweak the game.

Game Copyright Belong To: Capcom/Ninja Theory

Mod Theme Copyright: The Crow (Franchise)

Mod Franchise based on: The Crow (Franchise)

-Original mod by 4Sparda
-Recreated by @Jai Nagrani

Change log and bugs (for creator to know):
-Fixed chest area
-In first mission when Dante get his guns his Crow makeup disappears and reappears other than that the mod is fine

-Preview (video taken from orginal topic it is not mine):


Fixed chest area

PS: The orginal Topic to the person who recreate this mod and here is download link If there is a mistake, I have a backup of it in the google drive.

Download Link
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