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Sons of the Forest

Dark Drakan

Well-known Member
Mar 4, 2007
Staffordshire England
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Endnight Games have unveiled the sequel to their highly rated 2014 Survival game called Sons of The Forest At The Game Awards 2019.

It seems based on the brief teaser trailer that they might be going for a more narrative approach this time around and seems we will get our hands on firearms this time.

The trailer starts with a first person helicopter ride and a protagonist checking their “fight demons” wrist tattoo. When the helicopter crashes, we see a shot of a dancing woman in a nude leotard — complete with a John Carpenter-like score.

In a brief gameplay shot, the protagonist carries an axe, and climbs through the forest with another soldier. Inside a cave, the heroes encounter a room filled with human-like monsters, crawling on the ground, missing their eyes.

The Forest is a survival horror game that tasks players with staying alive in a small forest filled with mutants. Players can build shelters and weapons to protect themselves against the forest’s monstrous inhabitants.

It’s unclear how similar Sons of the Forest will be to 2014’s The Forest. Endnight Games didn’t reveal when it will release Sons of the Forest, or what platforms it will appear on.