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the devil is not as black as he painted
Jul 16, 2014
How bout it? What happens to DmC now? Any thoughts? Does capcom finally ditching the game?

I'm so mixed up now, the way it goes now, it feels like DmC was an experiment, or ended up being an experiment. From the game capcom learned which could work and which couldn't. To some extent i think this is a breakthrough in japanese way, i've learned that the japanese isn't accustomed to drastically change something when it works fine, especially in some otaku medias cases, this is good and all..

But the big question remains, what of DmC? at first i was so sure they're ditching DmC, but a little teeny weeny bit self suggesting not even worth mentioning atomic particle made me think there's still hope for DmC..

Fellow DmC dudes and gals, care to give any opinion?

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Well-known Member
Aug 26, 2012
I mean, they already took stuff from DmC for DMC4SE, so I don't think they disregarded it all that much.
But with NT being bought by Microsoft, I wouldn't bet on DmC2, at least not with them involved.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Sep 14, 2010
meaning it should be done only by NT?
As sad as it is, I second this opinion...
Ultimately it's NT's baby and I rather they be the ones steering that ship. If some other dev team wants a crack at DmC2 I'd go in with an open mind but I rather NT gets offered the gig first.

Plus DmC has gotten a lot of controversary so I don't know if its worth subjecting a new team to that.


Don't Let the Fall of America be Your Fall
Jan 29, 2012
Suda city on 51st ave. lol
As much as I loved DmC, I think its safe to assume that its a one-shot and that's it. I personally feel its better that way, though I would've preferred it tied up loose ends. Maybe one last DLC segment that has Dante and Vergil against each other. About six long missions similar to Vergil's Downfall.
Still, I feel that DMC5 has enough elements of DmC to have me believe that there's still hopes of its spirit lingering over the game. From Nero's new haircut and coat, to the more urban settings.
I hope they have DLC costumes for Nero to wear the new!Dante skin.


Legendary Devil Hunter
Nov 8, 2013
I have to admit, I said since day one I wanted them to return to the classic series, I find myself in a similar state of mind as I did back when DmC was announced. "But what happened next?". I'm kinda sad that we may never know what happens to Kat and reboot Dante and Vergil. If DmC never gets a sequel, maybe they could do like a comic or a novel telling what happens after and how the brothers come to blows again. I'd read it. Maybe a cg animated movie? I really liked the one they did for Resident Evil (Degeneration? I believe, I think that was the first. I know there was another one, but I never saw it)


"Sorry, but I don't lose."
Jul 21, 2017
I mean, they already took stuff from DmC for DMC4SE, so I don't think they disregarded it all that much.
But with NT being bought by Microsoft, I wouldn't bet on DmC2, at least not with them involved.
This, I truly doubt that NT will be allowed to work on a DmC 2. especially now that they've bought by Microsoft. and if they do allow them to make a DmC2, it's most likely only going to be released on PC/Steam and Xbox One/Xbox Scarlet.
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Humanoid Typhoon
Aug 24, 2011
Remember when DmC came out and everyone thought DMC franchise was done? I'm still 100% sure DmC is the best NT game theyve made. And talking leaps and bounds better than their other games. And it's made the most money.

To see dmcv's arrival, 5 years later gives me some hope for DmC.

Back when DmC was still cooking there were people here who wanted duel franchise and we just might get it....maybe


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Jun 19, 2009
What I love about the Devil May Cry series is that it does not abuse Quick Time Events, stamina gauge, cooldown timer and context-sensitive action in their combat for challenge or balance.

My first fear about DMC's development being outsource to a Western company is injecting all these cancers into the game.
But they immediately have my interest when they said "we won't use Quick Time Events".
When I mention about giving the game a chance is when the haters marked me as a "public enemy" of the DMC forums.

In an era where it's expected to have some Quick Time Events or button mashing sequences, I'm pleased that NT managed to pull off DmC without resorting to the usual cancers of gaming.
This is why I consider DmC as worthy of the title as one of the Devil May Cry games.

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Sep 14, 2010
Honestly DmC was screwed from the start because it was a premise fans would have a hard time getting behind. Fans are more driven by a desire to maintain what they love which is why they obsess over continuity etc. While creators are more interested in trying something new regardless of it would work/fits. So creating a non-canon spin-off that is designed to be totally different makes sense to creators but not to fans as much.

The ideal scenario would have been doing a spinoff for another character like lady/trish or nero.

Without a sequel or a crossover between the two DMCs the next best option would be just to incorporate aspects from DmC into DMC which they seem to be doing anyway.