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So, those millions of people Vergil got killed... again.(SPOILERS)


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Jun 19, 2009
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I m not talking about the final battle but the fact that vergil want force edge to power up instead of simply training
He's already trained and powerful.
It's just how he dealt with his defeat with Dante is something I'd describe as "immature".

Blaming on his human side, rather than just acknowledging that Dante bested him and to try harder.

It's like if someone blamed his defeat on his controller, which is the exact same type his opponent uses.
His human side make him weak?
What about Dante's human side?

Vergil of all people is also the last person I'd expect to "mutate into a giant monster" as a boss.
The more I look into it, the more and more my impression of him is chipping away.
Like I said, he's not a "badly written character", it's just that I have a particular expectation of him.

Also I ask you how I should improve my post even if I don't see any problem in it
Separate your text into paragraphs instead of just typing mindlessly.
Watch how I type and how I separate my texts into paragraphs.
I know we don't remember everything we learn in school but writing wall of texts is one way to create a negative impression of yourself.

You may proceed with the "I don't see any problem with it" or tell yourself "if a staff here didn't see what's wrong, then nothing is wrong".
Continue your course in the wrong place and you may find a lot of people either hating you or not taking you seriously.