Reupload: Devil Neo Dante:

Dark Angel

Dark Slayer/Vregil/Nelo Angelo
Creator: Unknown
Requested by: @Keiji
A collab: @Dark Angel & @GoodGoneBad

-Note: I not make no money out this mod or own it I just tweak the game.

Game Copyright Belong To: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Theme Copyright: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Game based on: DmC

Features & Mod Log:

-Black Hair (Use texture from Onyx Neo Tokyo by TheFogofWar)
-Devil trigger face
-Top demonic cracks by @GoodGoneBad
-The demonic cracks on face and top in light and devil trigger has little glow


Orginal Devil Neo Dante design

Recreated Devil Neo Dante design

Demonic cracks glow in light

Devil Neo Dante

Devil Neo Dante (Devil Trigger)

PS: If there is a mistake, I have a backup of it in the google drive.

Download Link
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