Reupload: Alexander DMC 3 Vergil:

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Jun 28, 2018
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Update: Apparently Alexander was partner with @Vergilsbooty ans she is the former WhoopingSpider and they work together so credit to both.

Hi again guys with new skin, not new this skin orginally by Alexander I only recreated because it was go down with and the skin is gone for good so I try my best to recreate this legendary skin with my hands using Krier's mod.

-Note: I not make no money out this mods or own them I just tweak the game.

Game Copyright Belong To: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Theme Copyright: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Game based on: DMC 3 SE

here is the change list:
-used Krier's mod for base
-used Kirer 3D map for improving the mod
+I some how manage to recolor armband to match color of outfit
-fix color pixels on collar
-used Alex's yamato for mod
+added teleportation effect

+the last update is fingerless gloves this one my editor can't do it I need a pro editor if any one interest PM me.

I add 2 classic DMC 3 HUD with orginal colors (orginal work by DeathCold) exclusive with mod for main game (DmC) for Dante and Vergil's Downfall for Vergil.

PS: if want use this mod on Vergil's Downfall you must use (Per-Stab Vergil) one more thing read my note file first and If there is a mistake, I have a backup of it in the google drive.


Dante DMC 3 HUD with orginal colors (Modified work and original work by DeathCold)

Vergil DMC 3 HUD with orginal colors (Modified work and original work by DeathCold)

Yamato DMC 3

Alex's Vergil DMC 3

Download Link
Download Link For Per-Stab Vergil

Don't forget to check out my office for more mods you can find there and as always request is accepted in my office.
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