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Feb 24, 2007
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Body Positivity is only a good thing if the people who wave that flag are actually healthy. It's all very well saying "I'm fat and proud", but if you're at risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and goodness knows what else, why be positive about that? Why be a so-called role model and inspiration to other fat people to simply stay unhealthy because you refuse to be "fat-shamed"?

As a fat person, I don't see it as something to be celebrated. I'm unfit, I'm unhealthy and it's taking a loooooong time to rectify years of bad eating habits and little exercise, coupled with four pregnancies (one of which slapped on 5 stone to my pre-pregnancy weight). I'm not about to dress in tiny skirts and crop tops because some "influencer" (which is NOT a career and needs to stop now) tells me I can be fat and love it.

Everyone is a different size; I'm not a moron. But as unhealthy as it is to try and be the coveted size 0, it is just as unhealthy to stay at the other end of the spectrum, scream, "I'm beautiful too and I'm not changing for anyone!" whilst wondering why you cannot breathe as you walk from one room to another in your own home. If you are truly happy with the size you are, fantastic. More power to you. But to tout it as a lifestyle to be embraced when the health implications are so severe is dangerous and sends out the wrong message. I know "fat" people who are very very healthy - moreso than slimmer people. Because they take care of themselves and for whatever reason, their weight just is what it is. And that's cool and sometimes I try to kid myself that I too am just big boned or have a glandular issue or genetics or whatever (nope, just unhealthy). But it's the exception, more often than not, rather than the rule.

As with anything, it's not okay to hurl abuse at someone because they are overweight or too skinny or whatever. But as with anything, pointing out to someone that they are at risk of dying before they reach 40 because they subscribe to the view that big is beautiful is NOT a hate crime or discrimination or intolerance or anything. It's nothing to do with challenging the beauty and fashion industries to accommodate the larger person - it's everything to do with recognising that perhaps you weren't "born to be this way" and perhaps your kids/parents/friends/significant other would like to see you live another year.

My weight has left me with obstructive sleep apnoea. At its worst, I stopped breathing 36 times per hour, 8 hours a night, for over a minute at a time. That's a lot. It's not good. I am at risk of diabetes and heart disease at an early age runs in my family like a river of liquid lard (bafflingly, my blood pressure is perfect, but that could change at any time). I have Joint Hypermobility Syndrome so the stress the excess weight puts on my joints can render me in agony sometimes. So I have had to do something about it and it's taking FOREVER but I would like to live to see my kids grow up if only to ensure they all leave home for good so I can change the locks accordingly. As it stands, after almost 3 years, I am very close to no longer having OSA...but it should never have been a thing in the first place. And you don't usually know you have it - I had no idea until I was tested for something else entirely.

No one is saying someone must hate themselves and indeed that's not the point of this wall of text (I just saw an article about the body positivity movement and it wound me right up). But they should not be ignorant of the facts if they are someone who is at risk of a slew of entirely preventable medical issues or, worse, early death.

It's selfish. It's dangerous. And people are worth more than that.

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Sep 14, 2010
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People are mad at the Doctor being revealed as the Timeless Child. I would've made them even madder by making her Tectouin(?) instead. She was the scientist who found the timeless child and experimented on it. I think having her be the scientist instead of the timeless child fits the show and the character better.

Don't get me wrong, i rather the Doctor be neither and the Master was the Timeless Child instead but if I had to pick between the two......I'd pick the scientist.


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Sep 10, 2014
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People should accept that some racial stereotypes are true, no matter how much you dislike them, or if you consider them racist.

For example, when they say Italians eat pasta all the time. Yeah we do. What's the point in denying the truth? We just do.


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Jun 26, 2013
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Depends on what they say, this morning it was said by someone that me and my family looked poor, typical of the Irish

Because I was wearing a hoodie and tracksuit, and my wife wore Jean's and a tshirt as did my daughter

Some things are true about nationalities, but some are miles off and well just rude

But I get what you are saying , like the irish do like to drink lol