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(Sorry for the double-post).

Snip from Ch.3 of my MG:

Around him, the room was dark, lit only by the silvery sheen of the mirror. He was aware of the stirrings in the shadowy corners, however, aware of the soft whispers and skittering of frightened things that seemed to fill this world with their corruption.

As the girl in the mirror stated she would help the old man in his quest, Farys rose from his chair with a stretch. It is not for the old man to lead the quest, dear girl, but you. You, and that delightfully suspicious boy on the train.

Oh, the old man would fulfill a purpose, of this there was no doubt. Farys had plans for him, just as he had plans for every soul within this world.

But for now the girl awaited him, though she did not know it as she scurried from the old man’s shop. She would know soon enough, though, yes. A lazy grin curled Farys’s lip once again, seeing the shadowy figure pursuing her, the girl completely unaware.

Now to make my grand entrance…


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Feels good to be writing again (I'm managing to do a few lines every day, slow progress, but hey it's better then nothing)

Damien felt something warm on his cheeks, as he watched the scene play out in front of him.
“Don't feel sorry kid, it's better this way. Every existence is fated to end someday, even ours. Besides, I'll live on through you, you are my legacy.”
When he heard the voice beside him he turned around. But he couldn't find the source. There was no one there, he was alone. The tears didn't stop and he sank to his knees.
After a while he felt a hand on his shoulder.
When he looked up he felt like he was looking into a mirror. The person in front of him was nearly identical to him, aside from the blueish hair colour, the same tone the wolfs fur had had.
“I mean it's not like crying is a bad thing, in fact, I'm kinda happy that you feel that way. But you'll have to keep moving on. There is much you need to learn and do.”
The other him smiled. It reminded him of the way he used to smile way back, before he went down the wrong road. Damien wiped away his tears.
“You knew this would happen, didn't you?”
“No, but I suspected it. Guess we won't see each other any more huh? Kind of a shame, I liked talking to you.”
“Yeah, same here.”
Damien's vision started clearing up.
“Well, this is goodbye, tell the others my best regards. I'll be supporting the mission Jack has made for himself through you kid.”
The wolf extended his hand. When Damien took it, hexagonal cracks started appearing across his whole body. His smile grew wider.
“Have fun, Damien.”
And with that he disappeared and Damien knew this had been his final goodbye.