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I am Nero's Mom & Obsessed fan girl
Aug 2, 2009
Note sure what to make of it.
It's not as if GDC is a massive game show like E3 (tbh, it's the first I've ever heard of it).
Anyways, just found this on FB, don't get your hopes up...

Ninja Theory to show off upcoming and unreleased games at GDC Europe
Talk to showcase previously unseen footage of titles old and new
Ninja Theory co-founder Tameem Antoniades will reveal the developer's upcoming games at this year's GDC Europe, the event's official site has revealed. New games, eh? Could one have anything to do with the mysterious blue-haired lady spotted in the company's sizzle reel a while back?

"The session will detail the 14-year journey of Ninja Theory, creators of standout titles like Heavenly Sword, Enslaved: Journey To The West, & DmC: Devil May Cry, including the sacrifices and concessions made by the studio to stay in the game," the announcement reads. "Footage of unreleased games, the reason why they didn't go to market, and the specific sales-related decisions that led to their demise will be discussed in detail.

"British developer Antoniades also plans to showcase previously unseen upcoming games, as well as the unrealized sequel to Kung Fu Chaos, and various other pitches that Ninja Theory had to put on ice or walk away from," it continues. "With the next generation consoles arriving at the top end, just as mobile and indie games have taken hold at the bottom, Antoniades plans to explore whether or not there is room for a third path that turns the "squeezed middle," where many a good studio has disappeared, into an opportunity to redefine gaming: the AAA indie game."

From OXMUK Site

Going by the comments on FB, it's turned into DmC fans v DMC fans, trolling and, then whole argument about 'true fans' (which we all know through lengthy discussions, is a load of :poop:)... seriously... I'm getting too old for this :)facepalm::meh::whistle::wink:).

Sunaka Marién

Well-known Member
Nov 2, 2012
I really hope we're getting to see some of it, what Tameem has to say sounds incredibly interesting, especially the AAA indie game stuff. Really looking forward to know a bit more about what their upcoming games will be, too. But of course I'm also hoping on some yet unreleased DmC stuff~

It's just really sad that pretty much everything relating to NT is turning into a DmC vs. DMC thing, as if that was the only game NT ever made :/


That Guy Who Hates Fox McCloud
Feb 17, 2014
Sargasso Space Hideout
I just want them to keep making games like Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. They were gorgeous, fluid, lush games with solid gameplay and nice cinematic quality, all of which carried over to DmC. Whether or not they make DmC2, my only hope is that they'll make a game on that scale and style again. It's what they do best.
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That Guy Who Hates Fox McCloud
Feb 17, 2014
Sargasso Space Hideout
New games? I wonder if one of them is an Enslaved sequel T_T an acorn would love that.

A DmC sequel? Well you know how the song goes.

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I think DmC2 is happening, but not with Ninja Theory at the helm. Same universe and gameplay, just different developers. NT has confirmed on their Twitter that they aren't currently working on it, so maybe Capcom is out searching for some new team to develop it. That, or they're planning DMC5...which I doubt.