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Nintendo & Capcom Collaboration

Shin Muramasa

Metallic Stranger
Nov 24, 2012
Monster Hunter would not make sense since Monster Hunter 4 is coming out, unless they're making a port for the Wii U, but that's way too early.

Perhaps they're going to surprise us with another Okami? Okamiden, the sequel to Okami, was for the DS and Okami has similar gameplay to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess when playing as Wolf Link. Also, Okami was ported over to the Wii and people said that the brush made sense with the Wiimote.

Hey, I know! Zero from Megaman for Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. I mean, why should Capcom do anything related to Megaman? Just let Nintendo recreate Megaman characters for a crossover fighting game. Why make Megaman games when you can just put them in other games as cameos or guest appearances?

A Megaman on the Wii U and/or 3DS is a slim possibility.

Maybe Street Fighter X Nintendo? Akuma versus Ganondorf! Ryu versus Mario! Luigi versus everyone at the same time! And Samus versus Chun Li! Kirby versus M. Bison! Oh, don't miss Link versus Dan! The ultimate fight begins!

I remember Capcom being involved with Zelda games, so maybe Nintendo and Capcom will do something with Zelda. Capcom has been known for good combat systems so maybe the next Zelda would have a more complex combat system?

New IP(s) is a possibility.
Me thinks since Nintendo is such a scrap for any game on their Wii U it might be something akin to them publishing or working with Capcom on one of their core franchises as a Wii U/3DS exclusive similar to how they got Sonic Lost World and Bayonetta 2 from SEGA or how more akin to the Dead Rising 3 situation between Microsoft and Capcom.

It could be a MegaMan game if Nintendo is publishing as well as co-developing it like how Capcom and Treasure are co-developing Gaist Crusher.

It can be a big crossover.....Nintendo VS Capcom or Street Fighter X Nintendo would sound like something they would do but we already have a really big Nintendo Fighting Game Franchise unless its meant to appeal to Street Fighter or VS Capcom fans but it really loses appeal to a majority of Nintendo fans and I doubt Nintendo would make a crossover that barely appeals to their own fanbase.

Monster Hunter X Pokemon........hey with Pokemon X & Y and apparently Game Freak working with Project Soul (the same guys behind Soul Calibur) on what appears to be a Pokemon fighting game.

They can be working on any one of their own IPs even bringing back old IPs (Viewtiful Joe, Power Stones, FZero, a good Metroid game, etc) or a new IP.....doubt it. These 2 companies are out to make as much money as possible so a special collaboration is an once in a lifetime opportunity and it would be wasted on a new IP that won't garner as much hype as a new entry in a famed series (MegaMan) or crossover between 2 famous franchises or brand names.

As for crossovers I can see:

Mario X MegaMan

Okami X Zelda

Fatal Frame X Resident Evil (or Clock Tower)

Monster Hunter X Pokemon


Fake Geek Girl.
Dec 11, 2012
Zelda won't cross over with anything. I'm anticipating A Link Between Worlds. A sequel to Link to the Past which is one of the best Zelda's ever. Sign me up. Also since Windwaker is pretty much my favorite Zelda game I'm gonna totally be a sucker for the HD remake and get it.

I'm getting off topic but my money is on Monster Hunter or just a new IP.

On a semi related note when it comes to Nintendo's partnerships, why does Hideki Kamiya got to be such a little b!tch? He wanted to make a StarFox game which I would totally be on board for but decided just recently that he doesn't want to because the internet was curious about it.

Wow. Kamiya you are now not just sometimes a douche but also been promoted to a little brat. Excuse people who were just interested. Sure you probably get a lot of questions but it's because you are a name in the industry and it's not like no one was freaking insulting you or saying you shouldn't. It was just people wondering what were your ideas. For example I bet Hideo Kojima gets bothered with more questions that you on a daily basis but do you hear him whining like a little baby about it?

Seriously, what a f#cking little b!tch.
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