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New characters for DMC6

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Sep 14, 2010
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Rereading the behind scenes stuff @Picard and @BlackAngel posted, I'd say the mistake they made was settling on making Nero like DMC3 Dante. I might've preffered the "nobleman detective" angle. Like a young Sherlock Holmes ie.
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It would've helped him standout more than he did initially. Granted I have more affinty for sherlock holmes than BLEACH so it's my own bias at work.

It's easier to write him off as Dante-lite because the game doesn't really explore what seperates them beyond the surface. If he's suppose to be an outcast or really only care about Kyrie, those are things the story should explore or challenge more thoroughly. He's not that interesting or believable as a cynical tough guy. In 5 he improves after the second Urizen fight because he drops the tough guy act and becomes more sincere. So either make him a goofball like Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho or lean into the surliness like Shinjiro from Persona 3.

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Making Kyrie playable could help with the love story angle. Most video game love stories tend to work when both characters are controllable. So handling their relationship like this fanfic could be interesting. Ed and Orihime works better because they play off each other well and challenge each other from time to time. I actually wish Orihime was written this well in Bleach.

Her becoming a villian is a cool but hard to do with what we have. Someone like NiCo from Dead or Alive 6 would be more fitting. She works for the bad guys because she wants to ressurect her father. It's an interesting more dilemma for Nero and Kyrie to face together.

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Nero disappointed me for some reason. I had a lot of fun coming up with alternate versions of him. You can scrap the Nero connection and retool them as seperate characters.

I was a fan of Legoshi from BEASTARS. He's a kindhearted introvert dealing with a lot of internal issues. Plus he's a wolf who uses martial arts. Both would be fun to play around with.

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