Miles Edgeworth Mod, Pretty please?


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Now that I've gotten a gaming PC to for the next wave of gaming.
I was hoping to get the PC versions of some of my favorite games.

While I do love DmC, there is one thing that bothers me about it. DmC Dante is completely unlikable.

But what happens when you take DMC Dante's attire and hairstyle W/ DmC Dante's hair color, and then make the character classy as ****.

You get one of the deuteragonist who becomes the protagonist of their own spin-off.

Miles 'Way better than Phoenix Wright' Edgeworth

Now that I think about it, I'm actually baffled that Edgeworth wasn't made a DLC costume for DMC HD, DmC, or DMC4. Why?

Because this

Appearance wise. Dante and Edgeworth are practically identical.

I already have an idea for how this costume would work.

Angel lift and Demon pull: Franziska Von Karma's whip.

Rebellion, Orisis, and Arbiter: Same as vanilla game.

Eryx: Same as vanilla, only with the index fingers pointed out

Aquila: OBJECTION! Speech bubble

All Guns: Same as vanilla. Only he may yell "TAKE THAT!" When he blows up Kablooey

Kat: Kay Faraday.

Devil trigger sound: