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Looking for a MOD or advice on how to remove HUD and Style Meter from Devil may cry HD collection


Oct 29, 2021
Hello, first post here-

I've been looking online for a potential mod or way I can hide/remove the style meter and HUD from the DMC HD collection (3 if only one) as I would like to capture some footage for a video project. I've managed to find where the sound track is held up in the Steam folders so I can add my own music in post but I'd like to be able to clean up the screen too.

Any help would be brilliant.



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Xen-Ace 2021
Jan 19, 2013
I was going to ask if there wasn't a setting to turn that off in the menu, but obviously if you're asking here then it means there isn't one.
Unfortunately, I have no direct help for you. But the fact that there's no native setting in the game to turn off the HUD feels like a massive oversight.
Have you tried looking up that replace them with another image, and then just making those files transparent if possible? Or at least hit up the creators of those mods to ask them where the destination folder is.