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Jun 28, 2018
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Thank you for all your support and for your help, guys. thank you, without your help or your knowledge I could not make any mods, yeah maybe my skills aren't good enough for being professional modder in design like @GoodGoneBad or Alexander or having knowledge in effect field like @jaiman10101 or @Story (again @Story has a talent in design beside knowing effect knowledge).

Thank to these people that help me until the end:

@Steve: Original person who give me the permission for this job and in return I don't let you guys down.

@Dark Drakan: The person who solve all forum problems and keep forum safe with staffs and admins (@Steve the main admin of the forum, the person who control all of the server, hopefully the DmC moding section stay safe under any circumstances).

@GoodGoneBad: Even she supported me in the past I feel guilty about her for my actions but she teached me many things about modding (because of my abuse of power I think she is now chose to cut her path and end our collaboration and I don't blame her but she helped me in the first place so she deserve a recognition).

@jaiman10101: The man behind the effects and skins who teached me effect knowledge basic so thank you.

@NyxAcacia107: The trickster of the DmC modding that with his minimalist talent can do amazing things, unlike professional people with simple patterns and designs he can create amazing mods even my art is not good enough to compare to him, thank you for all of your services.

@vainiuss1: Thank you for sending me DMC 4 SE Vergil textures for my job to update Alexander Skins to new style.

@Erian1Mortal: and finally the last person who helped me in this fight thank you for making my dream possible to create DMC 5 Vergil concept.

and other people, now I can finally retire peacefully without no problem.
all credits are given to rightful people or websites or franchise so no problem here.
all files are updated in my drive so if in any case the links are get corrupt or crash backups are ready.

and final stay safe and enjoy your time with your family and friends and my spirit always guard DmC modding section.


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Jun 26, 2013
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Best of luck to you for the future