Justice has been served to Spider-Man PS4 fans:

Dark Angel

Nelo Angelo (2 Month Break)
Why I always late for good news but any way the justice has been served finally the orginal Spider-Man take the place must deserve SAM RAIMI SPIDER-MAN IS BACKKK!! it not a mod or mashup it is an official free update, yes you get me right finally Insomniac listen to community, as fan of original Spider-Man (Trilogy) I know there still people out there like this version than Amazing version, they just created 2 movie from this series that Andrew Garfield in it was failure (I don't want judge a book by cover but when what is people like and grow from beginning there no other option that the Amazing version become a failure but Garfield is good actor and he deserve better then this) the other Spider-Man(s) that get more views I think there are better along original (Sam Raimi) to be able to open their way into people hearts now enjoy the gameplay:
also for any one wonder why Amazing suit is not in game maybe this video answer your question:
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