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Injection, A My Little Pony fanfiction


Monsuuuta moonssuta mo mo mo mo monsuuta
Dec 5, 2011
Mrrandomlulz here, my fellow Devil May Cry fans, today I give you a sneak peek at my first story that isn't a comedy, it will soon appear on Fimfiction.net,under my account name there :Superanonbrony
Authors notes: Out of the six stories I am working on, this is the one with the biggest goal, making a cliche seem good, the character will be what I think of when I think of the word “Bad ass”, of course he will have his weaknesses to seperate him from a Gary Stu, but expect a rather violent character, Also this story will be told in the 1st person.

Isn’t life a funny thing? Every mafia, every criminal, every rogue cop will threaten me, but then when I come crashing into the dead zone. They beg me for forgiveness like a puppy. It’s like I’m some kind of celebrity, a kind of celebrity known as a “scum ass vigilante”.

I had absolutely no training, no special firearms. Just a Remmington 870, 2 glock 17s, a shortsword, and of course, my personal favorite weapon, lethal injections. That’s why I got my name, a name that really fits me, a name that says “Hey asshole, your next.”.

“Injection!”, they yell before I stick one in them, and that is my name, Injection.

And your probably calling me “Ruthless Bastard.”, but I have an objection to that. I’m a vigilante, I clean up the crap that the cops are too lazy too. I aim to kill, not to torture, and that is just my goal.

This story happened only a week ago, at base camp 3. Allow me to explain, my city, Greenville, South Carolina, is completely ran by a company, it had a secret laboratory revealed to the public back in 2005 and now the city is under complete control by a company called The Federation Of Scientific Revolution. The US government gave it up to them, what they would want with a small city like mine I had no idea back then, but the mission changed everything.

Anyway this story is about my biggest mission, and how it went horribly wrong.

It was March 21st, 2012. The rebel base (an old abandoned warehouse and an old abandoned trailer park that we improvised and rigged with a security system) was on full blown lock down.

Here is where the story begins.
“Injection, Warhammer, Reaper, Jaguar, Corpse.” General Sanchez said, as he pointed to my group.

Warhammer was our heavy weapons guy, carried a freaking semiautomatic turret, it cost the rebels a fortune, considering how poor we were, but it was worth it , he’s called Warhammer because he has actually punched a guys skull in, everyone has their own theory to how they did this, surprisingly no one just guessed he uses steroids like I guessed.

Corpse was our medic. He was called that because there were rumors about him actually healing a god damn corpse. Of course I saw the event, it wasn’t a corpse, yet. It would’ve been though if it weren’t for Corpse being there.

Jaguar was our group assault, she has saved my ass more times than I could ever count, not to mention her ass wasn’t that bad itself. She has multiple rumors as to why she is called Jaguar, some say its her stealth, others say its her flexibility and ability to get through tight spots, me? I say it has something to do with her hunting and pouncing male prostitutes, but that’s just an educated guess.

Reaper was our leader, he fought hard and wouldn’t go down unless he took a million bastards with him and saved 2 million innocents. Reaper was a dedicated man, one who would try his best to make sure he died keeping someone safe

I was the scout/recon. My job was go in first, kill what I came across, get intel, and regroup with the team and join the fight.

Of course this time that wasn’t the case.
We got in the office room, which was now the Sanchez’s office, of course the goddamn question was on all of our minds.

What in hell could be so important as to bring a complete lock down.

“I’m sure you’re aware of the laboratory 3 miles east of here.” Sanchez said, passing out mission files to each of us. “They’ve achieved their goal. They appear to have found another dimension, now here is the thing. To test the portal they are using to get to said dimension. They are using”

He took a brief pause and sighed.

“Civilians, no exceptions, ill, pregnant, young,injured, elderly, they’ll take em all.”
We stood there in shock. We couldn’t believe our ears. I nearly dropped the file. Blasphemy, we thought, not even they could stoop that low, these were the same people who tried to disect living people while they were awake.

“Your job is pretty self explanatory, get in there, get the civilians out of the dimension, and destroy the portal.” he continued.

“Wait, shouldn’t we take back up.” Reaper interrupted. Sanchez merely shook his head.

“The more you take the more soldiers we risk, and the higher we risk at losing soldiers. You guys are the best team available currently, but to be honest, that is barely saying enough.”

“I’m in.” I spoke up, before looking out the window to see the building in question. The laboratory was huge.
I just had to free any and all test subjects. Wasn’t gonna be too hard, was it?

Long story short, it was.

“You sure you’re up to this, Inject?” Reaper asked me, the look in his eyes not so determined, me and him were like brothers, so it came to me as a huge surprise. “Remember we will be covering you.”

I nodded and climbed the laboratory walls and snuck in through a window.

That was where they were waiting for me, I was in the room with the portal, a whole crap load of guards surrounding me, naturally being the overconfident asshole I am, I pulled out my sword and readied for battle, most of them were armed with batons and the rest were armed with tasers.

Now let’s just do the math here, 1 self trained vigilante vs at least 10 trained guards.
The only advantage I had was my weapon was lethal.

The first one ran up, almost as a reflex I parried his attack and countered with a slash to the neck. Then one came up from behind me I stabbed him straight in the gut as I heard fire opening. I saw my teammates outside the window, fighting for their lives before an explosive barrel was shot their way.

Now I was fueled by complete rage, I kept fighting with the guards, slashing and stabbing them one by one, before it happened, I was hit in the back of my leg with a baton, I fell to the ground, writhing in pain as I heard my ankle crack. Then before I blacked out, I saw him, General Sanchez, the bastard had planned our demise, the portal opened, and I realized what was going on, there were no civilian test subjects, there never was. The only test subject.... was me.

It was clear what they were doing, send me in, if I make it back, look at my condition and see how many soldiers would be needed to send in. Clever bastards.

I woke up in a cottage, my ankle bandaged, my weapons on a nearby table, and me on a couch, I wondered what the hell what going on. Why the hell did I not just run when I had the chance, or maybe take out my guns and open fire? But no I used the damn sword. I blew it, the whole mission gone because of my dumb honor code.

I could feel my muscles strain, I also saw a hoof on the couch. Wait a hoof? As in a horses body part!? I woke up next to a horse’s body part !? What the hell was this, the GodFather!? Then I saw the hoof was attached to a horse and the horse was in fact, looking at me, except it wasn’t a horse, it was a pegasus.

What the hell was going on was the only question running through my mind. I knew I was in no condition to speak, I got pretty beat up back there.

“Um, sir, I’ve never seen your kind around before. What are you?” the pegasus said, the fear in her voice as clear as day, I was too confused to really be confused as to why the f*ck she spoke English, but it appeared she did.

“I should be asking you the same question.” I said before I ended up coughing blood which came right back down and splattered in my face. “I bet you think that was funny as hell.” I said.

No sir, I find it terrible someone would be coughing up blood, and please refrain from using language so.... vulgar.” she said, the fear now turning to shyness after seeing how weak I was in my current state.

My vision started to clear up as I barely managed to lift an arm to wipe the blood out of my eyes. She had blue eyes and a pink mane, yellow fur and wings, she looked nothing like an Earth horse, she looked like one of those My Little Pony toys that my sister used to play with back when I was a kid. I tried to get up and immediately felt an aching pain in my ankle, I screamed in agony and fell right back onto the couch.

“May I ask your name? If that’s okay with you.” She said.

I thought to myself for a second about this, “If I can confuse her, I could make a run for it and get the hell out of here.””

“Murphy, it’s you.” I quoted the movie Robocop.

“Huh?” She said.

“They drew first blood, not me.” I quoted the movie First Blood

“What?”, She asked.

“You seem like a good person too, I hate to die.” I quoted Princess Bride.

“Okay.” She backed off before running away, clearly thinking I was insane. I got up, ignoring the fact that the pain in my ankle got more intense. I grabbed my sword and shotgun and walked out the door and into town.

“Wonder how I got into that cottage anyway?” I thought aloud, unaware the pegasus was following me

Authors notes: So what do you think so far, is he too much of a gary stu. Because I tried to keep him from becoming one, (E.g. I made him defeatable, as clearly shown in this chapter.) another thing that I am doing to keep him from becoming a gary stu is I am making sure that while there might be romance in this story, he will have absolutely nothing to do with it.