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I'm getting too old for this...

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Is not rat, is hamster
Feb 24, 2007
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First off, allow me to welcome you to the internet. It's a place where opinion = fact and everyone is some sort of genius with a vast intellect and an impressive repertoire of skills that they have managed to acquire and master within just a couple of months.

Now allow me to introduce you to the world of The Internet Forum. This magical place allows you to say what you want, to whomsoever you please, without any consequences of any kind - because this is the internet and you are, of course, always right.

But let us suspend the imaginary for a moment here and look at actual cold, hard facts:

  • Opinions are NOT equal to facts
  • You are nowhere near as intelligent as you'd like everyone else (including yourself) to believe
  • Being passable at a number of mediocre video game titles does NOT make you the Renaissance
  • "Freedom of Speech" is not without a rather large amount of responsibility attached
I'm tired of this nonsense we're seeing every day here. I'm sick of the flood of private messages every morning, complaining about other people. The constant grandstanding between members, showing off, hurling abuse...even the oh-so-subtle jabs using words that you hope will confound the other poster enough to seem like you're winning the argument. It's all pretty nasty stuff and I can't for the life of me understand why you're all doing it.

This is a community. Communities are made up of all sorts of people and not everyone is going to get along. The one main thread that pulls people together here is the DMC and DmC games themselves. You cannot - simply cannot - join a community and expect EVERYONE to agree with you. You also cannot then make it your mission to pull down those who do not agree - even passive aggressively, as some of you are more inclined to do.

This happens periodically on this forum and whilst I'm not surprised, I think I speak for ALL the staff when I say it's time to give it a rest now. We get it. You all want to be right and you all want to feel special - but this is not the place to receive therapy for those issues.

Try to remember, if nothing else, that this site is not something we idly slapped together and just hope it all pans out. Steve (the one you rarely see) spends pretty much ALL his time working on his network of forums, improving, tweaking and optimizing in the background. This is his job, not some little hobby on the side. I would surely appreciate you guys not coming in here, crapping all over the office floor and then start saying we should really clean up a bit. The staff are also all willing volunteers and as I've said on numerous occasions, this forum was made FOR you but not BY you, so really who the hell do you think you are trying to smash it to pieces?

Appreciate it if you managed to read this far, but for those of you who fall into the tl;dr category, here's the point:

It stops now or you may find, for you at least, it stops regardless. This isn't a troll-conservation facility so check your fire and have a little think about your attitude. Ta.
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