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Hey guys. Any devil trigger memes fans here?

Do you find it memeful enough?

  • most of them aren't funny

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  • memes are good, editing sucks

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  • it was fun watching though

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  • bang bang bang, pull my devil trigger!

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Mar 20, 2019
Good morning or whatever your time is! My name is Sergey and I'm new here. I know DMC franchise from DMC4 (2008 year) but by now I've completed every single DMC game (except Vergil Downfall DLC) of series. So could name myself a huge fan :)
If you have an extra minute of time you can spare.. I would like to ask your personal opinion on the following piece of content I came up with on last night:
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The reason I'm doing it here is not PR or advertisement - I just have too small auditory to have proper feedback on anything I do in my channel. And when I see a dislike I can't really understand what could be the reason and to improve myself.
I'd be really thankful if you could reply back with something like - "yeah, that's good one" or "this is faceless meme boolshit" or whatever your opinion is. Believe me - feedback is everything to me, so I can improve and make more and better DMC content. OR you can simply vote.
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