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Halo 4


Entertain me.
Jul 11, 2010
I got it a few hours ago. I haven't tried multiplayer yet since campaign must be tackled first. It's the law. Halo tradition. No XBL party chat either. Solitude. Co-op can wait. Call me weird, but I've nerded over the story of Halo since the beginning. Since then, there are two things that I've been dying to see:
1. Other spartans - saw them in Reach, but that was a prequel. I wonder if there will be more in this game or later ones...?
2. The forerunners - these guys built the giant halo rings in outer space. Here's their logic: they see the flood, a huge threat to all organic life, and their solution is to imprison them, strap a big-bang-scale bomb to the prison, leave the care of said prison and bomb to sentient machines, then disappear. You just KNOW there's some s*** supper waiting to go down where these guys are concerned. Within the first 15 minutes of Halo 4 and in every trailer, you know you're on a forerunner planet. The question is, will they be there too?

Below: rant about Halo campaigns in Combat Evolved, 2, and 3. Highlight to see.

No offense to any fans, but the covenant storyline in H2 post-introducing the Arbiter was lame. It was not riveting. Halo 2 was not riveting until it was ending with an attack on earth, then Halo 3 somehow managed to take the mother of all cliffhangers and deliver an unmemorable ****-poor excuse for a trilogy closer. As far as I'm concerned, Halo: CE was the ONLY good campaign in the original trilogy mainly because it said so much without even really using dialogue. You were marooned. You had NO idea if any of your exploits on the original halo ring would amount to anything. More likely than anything, you would wind up being an unsung hero who perished in the far-off reaches of space. Literally the last thing you had to live for was to discover what halo was. And man. Man. Just look at that thing! It was artificial, it must have been created for a purpose. Okay, okay. I'm stopping the rant. This is one of my rare passionate posts so LET ME SPLURGE DAMMIT.

I just finished the 3rd mission and wow. Just wow. This is everything that Halo should have been since Halo 2 in terms of storytelling and level design. The graphics have literally blown my mind, that could be partly because I recently got a 1080p LCD monitor and I'm not used to 2012 graphics in this resolution yet. Either way, s*** salad is f****** fantastically pretty, yo.

Every mission so far has been uniquely enjoyable and memorable. Fingers crossed that the next 5 missions can keep it fresh. If they can, I will **** on Bungie studios and get a pink 343i tramp stamp.

Dark Drakan

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Mar 4, 2007
Staffordshire England
Im looking forward to getting to play it after Christmas, its not at the top of my priority list out of the games I want to play but I am excited to play it. Ive heard many opinions & read many reviews & the majority seem to have enjoyed it & been happy with the job that 343 have done on the game.
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