Ginger Dante Reskin


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This is my first attempt at a mod for this game. I thought I'd take it a little slow and just do something simple. And seeing as how there's a total lack of good gingers in media (for the most part anyway)... I introduce Ginger Dante!

I lightened his skin, as seen in the first picture, and gave him freckles ontop of giving him orange/red hair.

It uses the Classic Dante skin.

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Download is on the DmC mod site (I'll come post a link to mediafire after I hit the 10 posts lol).

My end goal is to somehow skin an Ichigo mod for Dante (probably the original DmC Dante, not the classic skin). I'll probably ask this again later in the discussion thread, but I'm curious if it's possible to actually reshape the weapons or if it's textures only. Anyone know off the top of their head?

Nelo The Great

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Well, We know That he doesn't posses a human soul, so this skin is quite the acturate representation. And also since eva had red hair (i believe)