Games Everyone Likes But You Don't


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There's a ton of games out there. Popular games that almost everyone and their grandmas agree are great. But out of these immensely popular games, which ones do you not like and why? Here's my list.

The Last of Us

Almost everyone thinks this game has one of the most captivating stories in gaming, but I disagree. The Last of Us is pretty much the video game equivalent of Oscar Bait. While it has a unique take on zombies, it's still very generic being a VERY typical post apocalyptic zombie tale. There's nothing about it that really makes it stand out among others in the genre. So yea, I honestly don't understand why people think this game is so special. I'll stick to The Walking Dead.


-Borderlands is BORING. I remember buying this game on sale after a ton of my friends told me to play it. And I was bored to freaking tears. All you do is venture in to junk yards, shoot people, and collect stuff. Rinse and repeat. The only thing good about this game is its comic book art style. Everything else, :sleep:

The Evil Within

I'm a massive horror fan, but I don't understand why other horror fans would think this is a good horror game. I don't know why people act like Shinji Mikami is some master of survival horror when he was never good at the horror part. The Evil Within is a patchwork quilt of horror imagery and concepts, but no identity of its own. With every concept it touches upon, it does it in the most shallow possible way. And it's characters are nothing but trite stereotypes. The Evil Within, is lame. This is one of the weakest horror entries in recent memory. There are plenty of better choices out there.

The Elders Scrolls Series

Now, in no way am I saying these are badly made games. They just aren't my thing. I find them boring to play, and it's just your typical fantasy world. Fallout is a little bit more interesting to me, but even I'm not a big fan of those. So yea, Bethesda's massive RPGs I always give a pass.

Mass Effect

The adventures of generic space marine, and everyone wants to sex the blue chick. That's Mass Effect in a nut shell. *yawn* The blue chick is kinda hot doe.

Tomb Raider (2013)

This reboot of the Tomb Raider series is really an example of a reboot done wrong. Yet, a ton of people liked this game. It's less like Tomb Raider and more like Uncharted (which is also something I'm not a fan of) and Lara Croft's character is not a compelling lead at all. I always thought the original Lara was a headstrong badass, but I understand why people think she could have used some retooling to get her away from just sex symbol status. Fair enough, but this game does it wrong. Lara is just a victim of circumstance here, and the game thinks "character development" is beating the ever loving sh!t out of her every 5 minutes. It actually gets rather gratuitous. :bored:

Call of Duty Series/Battlefield

- The same crap put out every year with only minor changes, put out every year, and are boring as hell to play. Not to mention stories that are practically written like a paranoid xenophobic's military fanfiction. It influenced the industry in a terrible way, and we'd be better off without it. Battlefield is the same crap and the people who think there really is a significant difference are delusional.

Watch Dogs

-It doesn't fulfill on any of the potential it promised, and is just generic AAA slop. The main character is absolutely insufferable, and the story is boring. Even though the sequel looks like it's taking things less seriously, this first installment has sworn me off it for good. Another piece of evidence that Ubisoft is dead. The creative giant that made classics like Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time and Beyond Good and Evil is gone, and has now become another EA. Hell, they're pretty much worse.

Heavy Rain/Beyond:Two Souls

David Cage is a pretentious asshole who can't write for crap. He sucks, and so do his very story heavy games.

Five Nights At Freddy's

-The concept is actually unique, but the game is bad. It's just jump scare after jump scare which honestly aren't even scary. While it may startle the first time around, it loses its effect. The user interface is also crap as you rely more on luck than actual skill. This blew up in the horror scene for a while, and it didn't deserve to. Slender had more appeal if you ask me because it at least knew how to establish an atmosphere and didn't rely primarily on jump scares. This game sucks.

I think that's everything. What's yours?

Remember, these are games that are WIDELY loved by a lot of people. So, don't really put games that are ultimately mixed in reception. Comment below, let me know!


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Oh boy, this'll open up a can of worms.
  • The Last of Us
  • Tomb Raider
  • FNAF
  • Dark Souls
I can't think of anything else atm, man this is tough trying to think of something.


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oh, this is easy..

1. bioshock infinite
2. assassin's creeds
3. deus ex human revolution
4. metal gear rising revengeance --i only like raiden's design
6. south park stick of truth
7. borderlands 2
8. dishonored --only like the overall design and setting
9. mass effects


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TR 2013 sits at the top of my Most hated video games list and will likely never be surpassed(unless Gearbox SJWs up Duke Nukem 5), because no game has ever turned me against a beloved franchise before and been so much of a generic overhaul than this god awful reboot.
Filled to the brim with absolutely EVERYTHING I loathe about brown & grey modern gaming(even the god damn box art is desaturated to hell and back) and NOTHING what so ever that I loved about past Tomb Raider games.
Plus there's the fact that the game mislead me with it's marketing as it basically sold itself as a survival game with all it's "A Survivor is Born" marketing and guide to survival videos, only for it to be a flat out lie in the end.
Also I can't believe what they've done to Lara, I'll never respect her again.
The only way I'll ever look at this franchise positively again is if they ditch this direction entirely, apologize for making it and go back to having sexy and confident Lara taking down T Rexes and Dragons, which I know for a fact won't happen.

OK I enjoyed every minute of the first Half Life, it was a great shooter, but HL2 was just so damn BORING.
I barley got far into the game before giving up cause I just wasn't having any fun at all.
I'll never know if the game gets fun further in cause I just can't be bothered pushing myself through the game to see if it does.
If Half Life 3 does get announced, I'll likely be the only one who doesn't give a damn.

Screw this game, I loved MK9 and still play it to this day cause the game was full of personality on top of just being a fun fighter with a fun story.
From the characters to the environments being just pumped full of memorable looks and different styles, it was just fantastic, then along comes MKX and applies the god damn modern trend of sucking out all the personality & style and replacing it with generic & lifeless boredom.
From the female characters getting the SJW treatment, the male characters getting the generic treatment, the brown & grey environments, boring story, lack of my preferred character and unbelievable DLC tactics....... just f**k this game.

I haven't played much of the games, but when I did, I was just bored.
I supposed they just aren't my kind of games.

I'll admit that I enjoyed their Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands stories, but that's all their games are good for, I just don't believe in their choice in gameplay.
I can get their stories for free from YT and there is just no reason to play them, their choice base gameplay doesn't change much and I can find videos about the different choices no problem if I really want to.

*sigh*....... Thank god Blood Dragon happened.

The whole franchise.
I just couldn't get into it, I got the first 3 for a deal on PSN and I just wasn't having fun with the first game and haven't bothered trying to the sequels, they don't have the magic that Jak & Daxter had IMO.

I'm anticipating another "Games you like but everyone else hates" thread coming soon if this one is back.


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Personally I like the new Tomb Raider. My fiancée has played every single one and completed them all. It's one of her favourite videogame series, and even she liked the new Tomb Raider. So it was different. Isn't every reboot? And actually it was more of a starting point, because Rise of the Tomb Raider states that the new Lara will become much like the old one was. So, don't really see the problem here.

Anyway, don't exactly see the point in a 'lets bash stuff we don't like' thread. I don't have to be Mr. Obvious to point out what's wrong with that. Anyway, as long as it can remain civil like it is now then it can carry on.


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- Mortal Kombat (2011)

Back when I knew absolutely nothing about fighting games, I decided to get this as my first one cause I've always heard that the MK series was the most accessible for new players, compared to like, Street Fighter or Guilty Gear.
So I picked it up and while it is one of the fighting games with the most value for your money, I couldn't get into its combat system. Not that I have any particular beefs against the DAC system (although I'm more into creating your own combos out of single moves like DMC or Street Figher), but I felt the animations were pretty bad and overall, the game felt clunky to play, the characters felt like they had a stick up their butt the whole time. I felt MKX was a big improvement there, and one of the reasons I prefer it to this. And of course, it has the one thing that I don't like (not necessarily hate, but can be pretty ****ing annoying and cheap) about some fighting games (this and Tekken included), the overly long combos. Getting wrecked by a 30% damage combo out of ONE hit? Yeah screw that.

- Dark Souls

Tried this a long time ago and made me give up on the whole franchise. I'm all for difficult games. But they need to be "fair" difficulty. Enemies making ambushes that you can't predict or hitting you through walls (while you can't, by the way) ain't that. This game is difficult because it's a douchebag (and with not that great programming behind it probably).
That, coupled with an art style that's beautiful to look at, but that doesn't captivate me, and barebones narrative that doesn't interest me either (and we're talking about an RPG here) makes me go "meh" every time I hear "Dark Souls".
It's also unfortunate that its fanbase makes me dislike it even more. I always roll my eyes when I hear "It invented a genre!"... What genre would that be? Difficult, punishing games? Those have always existed. It's an Action RPG dude, get over it.

- Bioshock Infinite

Simply doesn't interest me one bit. The shift from the underwater dystopian setting to the skies, I didn't welcome it. A huge part of what made me like the Bioshock games is that unique atmosphere they had. With the removal of that, this game just has no drawing power for me.

- Every sport game in existence

Never been into soccer, basketball, volley, rugby, etc. in my life, let alone in videogame format.

- Neverwinter Nights 2

Damn, how could I forget this one. This is another case of shift in direction and atmosphere.
I'll not say it's a bad game. I don't think it is. Some aspects of its gameplay is even better than the first game. BUT it took a shift towards high fantasy as opposed to the first game' more dark fantasy atmosphere (despite what you see in pics like the one above). Cartoonish, cheesy art style and design ruined this game for me. I want Bioware to go back to this franchise. Not everything Obsidian touches is gold.
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Hm, well since we're here;

CoD games.
Assassins Creed games.
Fifa games.

There's other games that bore me, but nothing I can think of right now.


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Undertale. To be fair, I'm not big on RPGs so I may be biased, but I've repeatedly proved myself that I am capable of enjoying such games. However, I really don't see the appeal of Undertale. I really don't.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom/Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. This is kind of a DlCK move as I've defended Ground Zeroes before, however I really thought those 70 minutes of gameplay Ground Zeroes offered us would translate a lot better in a 60+ hour game like Phantom Pain. Spoiler: They didn't. It was a terrible game of back and forth that really gave me a headache after a while, and the voice acting of Kiefer Sutherland - really wasted. The plot was not nearly as intriguing as in the previous games and the new characters fell flat. Quiet, Code Talker, Skull Face - all bland, edgy caricatures that Kojima tossed in there without much thought. As for the plot itself, you might as well have called it "Metal Gear Solid V: The Plothole Retcon" cause that's what it was, Kojima's attempt to cover up the plotholes.

As for MGS 4; I have a different complaint. I love the cutscenes in Metal Gear games. I truly do. They're interesting and a good kind of cheesy. But I don't like the fact that if you remove all the cutscenes from Metal Gear Solid 4, you reduce a 10-12 hour game into a solid 3-4 hours. I'm not even joking. There are so many cutscenes in that game I doubt it even deserves to be called that.

Outlast. Also known as; Jumpscares: The Game. Seriously, if jumpscares is all a horror game's got, then I refuse to call it a horror game. I admit, my first playthrough was terrifying. My second, not so much. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the level design was pretty amazing, albeit linear, but I knew where all the bad guys would pop. I expected all the jumpscares. I was no longer scared.

Battlefield 4. Yes, we've got the anti-COD! It's got destructible environments and a map-changing Levolution feature and it's gonna make all the money. Yeah, no. It was boring. Campaign was SHlT, but I didn't expect much from the campaign in the first place. Multiplayer was also not as exciting, bugs aside. Even when they patched some of them up, it was still not nearly as refined as you may expect it. Flashy, yes, but it lacked substance.

It was better than COD though, especially that year's version of it; Call of Duty Ghosts. But really, that's hardly an achievement.


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Undertale. To be fair, I'm not big on RPGs so I may be biased, but I've repeatedly proved myself that I am capable of enjoying such games. However, I really don't see the appeal of Undertale. I really don't.
For hardcore RPG fans, it was a spiritual successor to the "Mother" games. For casuals, it has novel gameplay, a decision system that actually matters and a bunch of lovable characters.

Me on the other hand, I think it's an incredibly pretentious pile of :poop:.


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@Chancey289 I don't think Watch Dogs is a game everyone else likes. :wink:

1. The Last of Us.
I do not get it. The gameplay is boring. The only reason people fall all over the story like it's the greatest gift from God is because most games don't have really impressive stories. If TLOU was made into a movie instead of a game, it would be written off as another generic zombie story.

2. Bioshock Infinite
Now I don't hate this game, but I think it's really overrated. I do enjoy some of the characters and the overall world and story, but the gameplay does not complement the rest of the game at all. Simply, this game should not have been an FPS.

3. Metal Gear Rising
Uuuuuugh this game did not work. If you're going to make an over the top, balls to the wall hack n slash game, then commit to being one.

4. Far Cry 3
I just thought it was boring. Climb to the top of the radio tower. Liberate the compound. Do the bulletin board mission. Travel to next area. Rinse and repeat. :sleep::sleep::sleep:

5. Fallout New Vegas
Another game I just found dull. Exploring a wasteland where everything is falling apart is not interesting.


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Ooh - Mass Effect 2 and 3.

I'll be honest, it took me a very long time to enjoy ME1 but by the time I did, the sequel was on the horizon...

...and it was suddenly little more than an FPS. They took all the fun RPG elements out and made yet another generic space-related shooter. Mucho disappointo.

And then 3 came out and it not only had the crappiest, most polarising ending of any game I've ever played but it also required the player to have done all the DLC from ME2 in order to understand what the mother fudge was going on. Bad form, terribly bad form. I know I've said this loads of times concerning this series especially, but you should NEVER force a gamer to buy DLC in order to enjoy the rest of a series. It's greedy and insulting and incredibly bad manners.


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Assuming that I am a lover of video games in all its forms , even I have my list :
1)Sport games . I play sometime with friends to PES, but only to do something of different.
2)Gta series. The only reasons why I used to play them is fun to kill people and fly with airplanes.
3)Lose many points "Mortal Kombat X" and "Street Fighter V" for the absence of an arcade mode in couple and the match-mode two versus two, present in the precious chapters.
4)Each existing racing game. I can play them , but i hate them because i'm forever noob in those game.


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Devil May Cry 4
Metal Gear Rising
every COD game
every Halo game
Street Fighter
every sports game
Batman Arkham Knight (good game, but there were some things in it I didn't like)
Assassin's Creed 1


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Let's see here,
  • I don't care for the Call of Duty games, first person shooters aren't really my thing to begin with and Call of Duty doesn't really do anything to make me interested.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's was something that it seemed like everyone freaked out about during the calender year that all those games were coming out... I didn't find it scary or even kinda creepy, it was pretty much an abuse of the most over done horror trope ever while being stuck in the same place the whole time and it didn't interest me.
  • The Assassin's creed games beyond the Ezio trilogy, they were cool for awhile but the interest kind of died for me after awhile. (I'd totally be down for playing one again if they set it in feudal Japan)


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A waterfall of conflicting opinions? About video games? That I’M not a part of?

Well, that won’t do at all. I foresee a lot of rustled jimmies once I write what I have to say, though…so always remember that all of this is just one wolf’s opinion.

Now, this list is compiled so that it gradually shifts from games I’m more or less indifferent to, to games that I outright hate—both of which were worshipped to a level I didn’t necessarily agree with.

Super Metroid

I’ve enjoyed practically every game in the series—except this one. I don’t HATE it, per se, and I’m willing to admit every good thing it did for the series and gaming at large. But really, I don’t like it nearly as much as I do the later games. The other 2D Metroid games released after the SNES game—those being Fusion and Zero Mission—absolutely DROWN this game in terms of atmosphere, level design, and yes, the story. This game’s alright and all, but the sense of dread and addicting pursuit of unexplored corridors, the life-blood of the series, is just better in the later games.

-Resident Evil 4

Before anyone starts this conversation, let me start by saying that it isn’t the action-oriented approach that makes me indifferent to 4. Quite the opposite, actually: I really enjoy the later games like RE5 and the Chronicles games, and even Mercenaries 3D. The problem is that RE4 was kind of a staggering cocktease for me. I’d love for the whole game to be like the first hour: tense, bleak, atmospheric, with scarce ammo and a sense of isolation…like my favorite RE game, the 2002 Remake. Instead, it swan-dives into House of the Dead territory with the spooky castle, zombie Napoleon, laser-dodging, mini-guns…things I would’ve been fine with, if the game had been like that consistently from the start. Instead, it basted my expectations, and kind of disappointed me. Not a bad game, but not as good as it could’ve been.

-Star Fox 64

Yeah, this one seems surprising, doesn’t it? Truth be told, I really don’t share the same inexplicable boner for this game that the rest of the fanbase does. If anything, I feel it’s a downgrade: it’s not as difficult as Star Fox, not as customizable and open-ended as SF2, doesn’t have the empowering sensation or dynamic tone of Assault or the immersion of Zero…it was pretty much outdone before and after, and in my opinion, is not the series’ watermark at all. And considering the unhealthy lengths I’ve spent staying committed to this franchise, you won’t hear that from any higher authority.

-Batman Arkham City

I don’t so much loathe this game, so much as the mentality around this series: “ZOMGNOOBLEET Until the Arkham games, proper superhero games didn’t exist!” Excuse me? Batman Returns on SNES didn’t exist? The legion of excellent Spider-Man games didn’t exist? The entirety of Marvel’s arcade outings from the 90’s all the way up to Marvel vs Capcom DIDN’T EXIST? What blithering absurdity is this! Couple that with the fact that City in particular is a game with such an underwhelming, weak-sauce plot in comparison to the games before AND after it—LITERALLY Batman compiling a shopping list and visiting every classic villain along the way—to the point that whenever I revisit this otherwise-stellar game series, it’s the one game I never feel the need to revisit.


It makes me wonder how people can blast the Last of Us for being just as shallow and derivative, and then praise Uncharted for doing the exact same thing. “LOOK AT OUR BUDGET! LOOK AT OUR SET-PIECES AND SCRIPTED MOMENTS! LOOK AT OUR ACTING TALENT AND UNINSPIRED STORY THAT OOZES WITH UNORIGINALITY!” People who compare Tomb Raider and Uncharted need to seriously sit down and play these games, and honestly ask themselves if the intricate puzzles and fleshed-out platforming of the former can even be demoted to the brain-dead shooting and borderline hand-holding of the latter. Quite possibly the most unappealing exclusive Sony has to boast.

-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

And here’s where the indifference outright disintegrates and transforms into outright loathing. There is no defense of this game: its exploration and side-quests are a joke, its motion-controls make combat a literal chore, the GPS tracker in your sword is a blatant insult to the player’s intelligence, and some of the most transparent rehashing of locales and bosses I’ve ever beheld.

-Devil May Cry 3

I don’t need to explain a thing here. You all know my disdain for this game, how I feel about its wasted potential, about how it aborted Dante’s persona beyond recognition, how it continues to be one of my most hated experiences in all of gaming without me even playing it.

All that and more in this convenient link, because I don’t feel like typing another eight, rage-induced pages.

-Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear as a franchise, a story, a game, and a concept is uptight, primitive Japanese game-developer vapidity personified in Satanic form. How’s the stealth work? Well, get infatuated around that white dot blinking on the radar, because that’s literally how deep the stealth mechanics go. How are the player controls, movements and inventory designed? Exactly how they were on the Playstation in 1998, except four more times! How is the story told? Why, in elongated, ham-fisted, insufferably-overindulgent cutscenes that in later games, consume more of the game than actual gameplay. What’s the story about? It’s about a completely original character named Solid Snake, and him exchanging speeches literally no human being has prepared on the fly with other transparent caricatures, about the “evils of war”, the “moral grey of espionage”, and in the case of MGS2, literally gibbering for minutes about conspiracy theories instead of having an actual, Godforsaken ending. But you’ll never be able to voice a single one of these things to the legions of stubborn fanboys of this franchise, or Kojima himself, who has taken the Stephanie Meyer approach to constructive criticsm: “I’m the creator, and I know better.” Don’t believe me? Ask Agnes Kaku, the script-editor for MGS2 that Kojima personally silenced when she dared to compare his abhorrent work to “bad fanfiction” and “ripping off Tom Clancey.” This series is more than overrated: it’s overblown, overhyped, and forgiven for doing more damage to the gaming industry than it should be.


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Aside from the rather large annual games I got pretty tired of GTA early on. I didn't like the stories, the gameplay got old fast and the I always found the characters downright obnoxious. Just wasn't for me.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow was so meh. I had a lot of hope for it because it had Patrick Stewart in it but I got well into the game but it just had so much sloppiness I couldn't go on and returned it. Pretty disappointing.

Arkham Knight started out promising but the further I got into the game the more and more it became homework. Why, oh, why?

Uncharted 3 and 4 are my least favorite of the franchise, even bellow Golden Abyss. They just got so whiny and too many walking sections in 3. 1,2, and GA were so much more light hearted, even with sociopathic villains and some pretty serious sections it was the closest to an Indiana Jones franchise that any game got and after 3... It provably just got too popular for its own good and tried to be 'well written' and they ended up with way too much drama, lost that charm that made the first 2 so great.


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it was the closest to an Indiana Jones franchise that any game got
As a die-hard Indy fan, I couldn't disagree more. If you want a game that replicates the vibe and nature of the movies, I highly recommend the actual archaeologist experience in the form of Indiana Jones and The Emperor's Tomb.

THAT game was and is literally a fourth Indiana Jones film all on its own, and was made by LucasArts themselves.
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