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DMCV Demo Combo Tools/Tricks


This partys getting crazy
Aug 10, 2010
I was trying out some of Nero's old mechanics in the demo (can't wait to get my hands on Dante!) and came across a few little things that may prove useful in people's combos.

This is obviously not a combo vid but just some things people may have some fun trying out, I need to practice more with Nero's Inertia to see what's possible as a lot of his moves now halt momentum in certain places and Blue Rose has too much stun to effectively control inertia (at least until new tech is discovered)
I'm also looking to play around more with Roulette Spin JC timings and Caliber (it looks like you can do a max of two in a row but with new positioning and charge shots there could be some cool shenanigans)

Let me know if you find anything interesting, looking forward to seeing what we can come up with ^_^

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