DMC3 HDC 16:9 widescreen menus mod


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I still come back to play this once in a while and the 4:3 menus really bothered me. Really, Capcom or who ever made the hd version, fix yo ****, why you so lazy. All they did was make textures look awful. Well just the teeth and hair mostly. OK, sorry about the rant, lets get down to bidness.

If possible, I'd would be lovely if a mod could sticky/pin this mod, as I feel like this mod is necessary for the game to not look off when playing on a current day monitor. Or don't, it's just my pride talking out of my ass.

If people read my introduction, they should already know, THIS is not a finished product, yet. Just the BP result and tutorial messages left.

If people still don't know what this mod does, let me say this. I made the menu models/textures of the menus without the black bars on the sides. Sadly I can't fix some of the menus like mission clear images and map.

Download link
put zip contents where the game is instaled


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Great job. I have the PS4 version, so the menu's aren't a huge issue for me. You tried going for the extra mile; hat off to you.