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DmC Cosplay


Well-known Member
Feb 5, 2013
I honestly think this would make a nice Vergil coat and it's made out of nice thick wool. If someone could find similar material, I wonder if it could be lengthened in the back? The sleeves are long but they are just pushed up in the picture for some reason.

This one has a better collar but the buttons are only on one side. >_<

I think this is the best one so far.

This sort of looks like his turtle neck


The color of these pants match better but it doesn't have pin stripes


These may be a little bright, honestly I would just wear the grey ones.

Not sure guys hands can fit in them though

Dante Redgrave

Son of Sparda
Oct 11, 2007
My wife and I just finished her New!Dante coat, we're hoping to debut it for her Femme new!dante this weekend at Anime Salt Lake. No props yet, butu by summer we should be able to get her an Ebony and Ivory cooked up. we should have osme photos soon. :3