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devil trigger mod help


the devil is not as black as he painted
Jul 16, 2014
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so i'm currently working on a devil trigger only skin mod, it's currently looking like this

yeah currently working the face only..

the aim is to make it like this

now i know it's impossible to make it look like that, if 3d modelling isn't taking part, so i'll make do with all the limitation.. i could still make it with the white shield on his head but ofc, it'll look more like frieza..

anyway, i can't seem to loose the hair when in devil trigger mode, if anybody knows how to loose the hair for devil trigger mode it'll really help.. the thing is i want to make it so this skin only appear in trigger mode so it got the right feel to it..

i've been doing this backthen and quit when i can't find the hair file in devil trigger mode and now i'm starting again.. oh, and i think i can also make the white scheme and fogs gone when in devil trigger mode..

any help will be appreciated..