Crossover: FF VII Remake/AC:

Dark Angel

The Alpha & The Omega
As a fan of FF specially Advent Children animation love to do a mod about it I introduce you:

My first crossover mod FF VII Remake/AC

-Note: I not make no money out this mods or own them I just tweak the game.

Game Copyright Belong To: Capcom & Ninja Theory

Mod Theme Copyright: Square Enix

Mod Game & Animation based on: FF VII Remake & Advent Children

Mod Main Features:

-HUD based on FF VII Remake (Lifebar)
-Play as Cloud Strife and Sephiroth
-The Cloud Strife mod can be play on Orginal custom and Son of Sparda


Cloud Strife


Masaamune, Sephiroth's Sword

FF VII Remake HUD for Dante (Lifebar)

FF VII Remake HUD for Vergil (Lifebar)

Mods Log:

》Sephiroth mod materials:

-Mod base is Alexander DMC 3 Vergil
-Use @KonkorFour eye texture from Dark Side Dante
-Use texture (in this texture: sword and shoe) from Vergil DMC 3 -DmC by
-The other materials are my creation

》Cloud Strife mod materials:

-Use Fire Dante hair base (not hair texture) by
-Use DMC 4 Dante mod as base, orginal mod by Necr0fear and the textures are gathered by Creeline
-The other materials are my creation

》HUD(s) mod materials:

-Use my own classic color DmC HUD(s) as a base.

Now enjoy this crossover FF VII theme in this game:

Side Note: if you want use multiple mods do as I tell you do (mods are separate for each game mode):

》DmC main game:

-FF VII Remake HUD Dante Lifebar
-Cloud Strife

》Vergil's Downfall DLC:

-FF VII Remake HUD Vergil Lifebar

Download Link
Download Link For Per-Stab Vergil

PS: If there is a mistake, I have a backup of it in the google drive.
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